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Last Meeting of 2007 - 15th Dec

Post written by Chee Hoong:
HELP UC Toastmasters Club had its last meeting of the year organized in a festive mood. Christmas was supposed to be the theme for the day. The meeting on the 15th of December was the last meeting of the year 2007. It was also the last meeting under the current exco of the club.
SAA Claudia
Sergeant-at-arms Claudia warmly greeted the gusts and members and requested each and everyone to introduce themselves and tell everyone briefly about the most interesting event which happened to them for the past 1 week. All of us had a good laugh when Shu Wei mentioned her super long shopping spree which made her fed up of shopping at the moment. Some were even shocked to hear from Soo Loon, a guest from Exact ADC1 Toastmasters Club that his car brakes failed when he was driving on the road.

Chee Hoong introducing himself

GE Robert Hue (President of Speakers' Dream TMC)

Ah Counter Loon (President of Exact ADC1 TMC)



Jason Moi

Grammarian Shane (Sunway TMC)

Satchit (Sunway & KPMG), new division Bigshot on the Block ;D

After the brief introduction, Shane Shanmugam from Sunway Toastmasters Club introduced the word of the day “Fire”. Members were all fired up upon hearing the word. First on the meeting agenda was the last presidential address given by Shu Wei. Shu Wei acknowledged the contribution of the exco and members for making HELP Toastmasters Club to where it is today.

Presidential Address

TOM Ewern, future RMIT scholar!

Next was the table topics session conducted by Claudia. All topics are based on Christmas. The first speaker was Shu Wei with her topic”Do you believe in Santa”. Once again the crowd roared in laughter when she said she had actually once believed in Santa Claus many years ago. Satchit was the second speaker with the topic”Worst Christmas experience”. Apparently his most unfortunate Christmas experience was seeing a Santa Claus face to face after chewing on a foul flavoured tea leaf. Fan Chen Kiat, a regular guest from Speecom Toastmasters Club spoke on the best Christmas movie he had watched which was Miracle of of 34th street. He related the movie to our lives where miracles sometimes do happen and we should enjoy Christmas celebration as it is celebrated only once a year. I volunteered to be the 4th speaker even though I had little experience with Christmas. Fortunately I managed to survive for two minutes talking about the true meaning of Christmas. Jean Ee, the last speaker wished to have a Malaysian Christmas celebration as her “Ideal Christmas Present” as she will be leaving for US to further her studies.

Satchit with his Table Topics

Chee Hoong

Fan, Jason's idol. =D

The gorgeous genie Jean Ee

Grammarian and Ah Counter hard at work

The table topic evaluation was given by Jason Moi, a first-time table topic evaluator. He did a very good evaluation on the speakers by commenting their speech crutches such as body gestures and vocal variety.

Jason with his enthusiastic, unorthodox Table Topics evaluation. The various gestures and body movements merit four pictures, lol. And you should have been there to listen to the evaluation.

Next on the agenda was the presentation of assignment speechs. First assignment speaker Ewern with hr speech title “Metamorphosis” spoke about life’s ups and downs and the various perspective on viewing our own life. One of the points she mentioned which captured m attention was to be optimistic regardless of any situation we are in and do not lose the any lesson learned from life.

Ewern's speech

Second speaker Ernest presented a powerful and exuberant “Toast” to to our outgoing president Shu Wei. In his speech, Ernest highlighted the special moments he had working with Shu Wei as exco of the club and the successes she had with the club. Everyone could not agree more with Ernest.

Ernest's speech opening

A toast

Last Speech was given by Shu Wei on Goal Setting and Planning. It was the last speech as a member and president of the club and she hopes that the new exco could follow the guidelines set by Toastmasters International on running the club effectively. She elaborated on the characteristics and importance of a goal. It is also important to plan and implement suitable measures to achieve the goal set by the club.

Shu Wei's speech

Shu Wei's granma and mum. Er... Ah Mah looks irritated/bored and Mum is NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!

Shu Wei: Last speech in HELP UC TMC
After all the speakers had given their speeches, it was time for evaluation. Robert from Speakers Dream took on role as General Evaluator and called upon Jean Ee and Satchit to evaluate Ernest and Ewern. The evaluations include comments on the speaker’s content, body movement and vocal strengths.

Satchit's evaluation

GE Robert

Jean Ee's evaluation

Ah Counter Shane

Grammarian Loon

Timer Fong Wen

The Ah Counter, Language evaluator and timekeeper presented their reports. One thing to note about Robert’s general evaluation was about narrating the history of Toastmasters Club for the benefit of the guests. Robert made a good point by reminding us to mention the history.

Closing Address

At the closing address, Shu Wei once again thanked the members and exco for their countless efforts in driving HELP toastmasters Club to greater heights. For the last of the address, she advised us to co-operate and give our best for the benefit of the club.

Joyce receiving her President's award for the term 2006/2007

Best Table Topics Speaker Jean Ee

Formal group pic. (Is Shane sneaking a sip of water at the back? LOL.)

Shu Wei: Crazy funny people =). I'll miss you all!

Someone's very good with older women...

Shu Wei: Hello, fellow Area W2 Club President!

Claudia! The lone rose among the thorns in the next EXCO

Fong Wen!

Some of us

All things have to come to and end eventually. Aother great meeting has ended and I will definitely be looking forward to 2008.

Chee Hoong.

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