Monday, 13 February 2012

A New Year, A New Beginning!

Greetings and salutation fellow Toastmasters!

In the blink of an eye, 2011 has come to pass, overtaken speedily by 2012. A new year beckons new beginnings. For some, that can mean taking time to craft their personal milestones for the upcoming year. For others, perhaps it can mean more time ot have a jolly good time while they are still alive. For us at HELP Toastmasters, it can only mean one thing: A new term of meaningful and energetic meetings! Despite having had many holidays during the beginning of the year, we still managed to pull off two meetings. The first meeting was aimed to remind our members on the importance of being prepared for the new year.

 The first meeting of the year!

 The first role players of the year, From Left:Zhi Han, Siew Li, Jack Ying, Joe, and Ahmad Zakie
 Dinese as our first Toastmasters of the Morning of the year!
 Bryan Cheong talking about his new years resolution

 With the theme of the meeting being 'New Year,' ideas about how best to utilize the year ahead were shared during the table topics session, followed with new-year-themed speeches. At the end, each person was asked to leave a time capsule in the form of a letter dedicated to themselves one year from the written date. Hopefully they will end with with smiles when they open those time capsules that will be sent to them one year from now.

The second meeting adopted the Chinese New Year mood as its theme. Decorated with typical CNY ornaments, the meeting room resembled a Chinese house during CNY, especially when some members brought extra CNY snacks from home to share.

 The ice-breaking session
 Our CNY special Toastmasters of the Morning: Siew Li
 Our Table Topics Master with his arsenal of table topic speeches concealed in CNY red packets
Jason Moi's speech: A Toast to the Chinese New Year!

 Winner of the Table topics: Roshini

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