Saturday, 10 March 2012

Valentine's Day

Congratulations to Jason Moi Kok Lum, Kevin Ho, and Gerald Tan for emerging as trophy winners for our
International and Table Topics Contest!

Also, thank you to all those who have participated in the contest! Without your participation, this
contest would not have happened!

HELP Toastmasters Valentine’s Special! <3<3<3

Why do you need Valentine’s Day to show love and affection when you can do it every day? That’s why
we at HELP UC TMC decided to hold our very own Valentine’s special meeting despite the fact that
Valentine’s day was over four days ago. Geared with love balloons and a very special table topic session,
we were all set to have a ball of a time! This time round, for table topics, the audience had to pass
around a toy heart while some love music was being played. The moment the music stopped, the person with the heart had to present a table topic related to love.

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