Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The NEW Chapter!

It's JULY!!! Guess what, it is the beginning to a new term of HELP UC Toastmasters club. Yes, I as the VPPR will update this blog as often as possible.

However, it won't be the typical meeting minutes blog post, I will also slit in some humour, cartoons, random facts and everything interesting into this blog. Follow this blog more often alright!

The light update here of course, when you have a new exco members, you will have......INSTALLATION DINNER!

The most suited up man of the night, Hadzrin Shah from UEM Academy as our installation chairman.

The installation dinner was held at The Terrace, Royale Bintang Hotel. Yes, the food is AWESOME.

Our immediate past president saw something and she was shocked! (I am pretty sure she saw the amount of food at the buffet area)

The night goes on with dinner, talks, and jokes (mostly from the Vincent, his jokes are pretty lame though. Pssshh, don't tell him)

The previous exco members. Roon and Kok Weng are not able to make it =(

And... *drum rolls* THE NEW EXCO members!

L-R : Jaime Liew, Goh Sue Ann, Luke Chan, Ivan Yong, Vincent Liew, Zoe Lo Sue Ann, Jason Moi.

Their posts are listed on your left hand side of the screen.

We have guests from the Unitar Toasties as well.

I would like to post pictures of the foods but sadly, I can't find the pictures.

Nevertheless, I am going to end this post with a gender equality thought.

Who say a girl can't be a pimp?

P/s: the upcoming post MAY contain the profiles of the new exco members. If I get to dig out their dirty little secrets. I will post them up here. So, stay tune people ;)

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