Saturday, 13 September 2008

6th September - The eve of the area contest

At around 9.35am, Faiq, Sergeant-at-Arms for the day, called the meeting to order and warmed us up for public speaking by posing this question: Why did you join Toastmasters and how has it benefitted you?

Club President John Lee then proceeded to give his presidential address which highlighted that our club’s 99.9% college student population (excluding Ernest) brought youthful energy to other Toastmasters Clubs whose members are already working middle age adults.

Boon Keong, The Table Topics Master gave distinctly original Table Topics like “Why Did You Paint Your House Pink?” and “Why Do You Live Next to a Nuclear Power Plant?” And of course, we all sat back to enjoy the ensuing nonsensical oratory performance.

The meeting continued with the prepared speeches of the day. Jason Moi presented a speech that extracted valuable lessons from fishing to be applied in daily life. Jee Aik gave a modified version of his speech entitled “An Unusual Person” which was first presented during this year’s club Humorous Contest.

After the break, Qinmei then presented her speech entitled “Colours.” She explained the emotions usually associated with colours and what the colours meant to her.

Last but not least, Ernest the Area governor was up! He gave a speech entitled “My Youth Symptom.” Ernest described the acne problems he faced during his later teenage years and how it destroyed his “handsome face” (Quoted directly from speech), but also how it wrecked his self-esteem as well. His speech was not only entertaining but also taught us a valuable lesson that we should not dwell solely on our weaknesses but focus on our strengths.

As the meeting drew to a close, the anticipation grew as we are just a few more hours away from the Area W2 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest which our club will be proudly hosting. Pictures are coming soon! Hang on to your hats ladies and gentlemen!

30th August - Olympic Hangover and Merdeka Anticipation

Today's toastmaster meeting was somewhat caught between 2 events. On one hand, many were still recovering from an Olympic hangover while others were in anticipation of our National Day the next day. However, this did not stop us from having a great meeting as well as start gearing up for the Area Contest which will be held the following week.
The meeting kicked off with SAA Denise who asked us to state our hope for our beloved country's future. We were joined by some very distinguished guest such as the Area W2 Gvernor Ernest Wong, University Malaya Toastmaster's Club president Kimmy Foo and UEM Academy president Hadzrin.

Dennis Wee, a frequent visitor to our club visited us today to give a humorous speech in anticipation of next week's area contest.

Also in action was our Club president giving an eulogy from The Advanced communicator's manual.
All in all, it was once again an entertaining and educational meeting.

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