Tuesday, 31 July 2012


7th July 2012

First meeting of the term 2012/2013, led by President Jack Ying and his exco members

Theme : First Things First
Word of the day : Zealous - inspired by intense enthusiasm

Many zealous members and guests were present on this beautiful Saturday morning for the meeting :)

 SAA, Zhi Han, TM, called the meeting to order and conducted introduction session

Presidential Address by Jack Ying, TM 

 TOM, Gerald Tan, TM

Table topic session! 

 Speech Evaluator, Siew Li, TM 

 General Evaluator, Chan Siew Peng, ACS, CL

A great start for the term, and PRIORITIZE is the key to success! :)

Siew Li
VPPR HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Upcoming Events in JULY!


HELP University Toastmasters Club will be holding their next meeting on the 21st July 2012 (Saturday) from 9.30 am till 12noon.

Be sure to attend this meeting and play a role! Remember, practices makes perfect!
Contact our VPE, Bryan Cheong at 012-2601993 now to book a role!

Also, we will be organizing our installation dinner on the 21st July 2012 (Saturday) from 7pm till 10pmThe primary purpose is to appreciate contributions from the previous committee members and officially install the newly elected board!

Also, you're able to network around and enlarge your social circle. Who know's you'll be able to find a job just by the dinner. *Don't worry, we won't collect agent fee =]*

Yes, this time, we serve WESTERN CUISINE in a buffet style. I can GUARANTEE the food is super duper OMG tasty! And the price is even a big discount for you, at only RM35!

Please contact Jack (016-2217401), Bryan (012-2601993) or Siew Li (012-2686303) to confirm your attendance!

You'll have another unforgettable night, again :)

Here's the address to our venue - HELP Main Block DSA, its located right behind Starbucks and Ali Maju. 

HELP University (Main Block)
BZ-2, Pusat Bandar Damansara (Main Block)
Kuala Lumpur 50490

Have a great week ahead! Hope to see you soon!

Siew Li
VPPR of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013


30th June 2012

How time flies! HELP University Toastmasters Club had their last meeting for the term 2011/2012.

It seems like it was just yesterday when Jason Moi, took up his role as the president together with his team of committee members.
And now, presenting his final presidential address to all the members and guests present on this wonderful Saturday morning.
 SAA of the morning, Mun Kit to start off the meeting!

The theme of the day is HABITS! and the word of the day is mores :)

                            TM, Siew Peng, Timothy, Issac                    Guest, Timothy Ng

Issac, TM table topics master
Prime Ch'ng, TM - table topic speaker

 Siew Li, TM - table topic speaker

Gerald Tan, TM - table topic speaker

Timothy, giving speech

 Timothy and Jason Moi

Jason Moi, the great actor :)

 Zhi Han and Prime

 Siew Peng, ACS, CL - table topics evaluator

 Victor Ong, ACG, ALB - general evaluator

Bryan Cheong, CC, CL - speech evaluator

 Eugene Lau, CC, CL - speech evaluator

Joyce, speech evaluator

Best Table Topics goes to Gui Ming!

 Best Speaker goes to Timothy!

Best Evaluator goes to Joyce!

After our meeting, we had the AGM for the term 2011/2012.
Exco presented their report.

Then.. it's ELECTION time!
Votes after votes, finally here we present to you the new board members, to bring the club to greater heights!

 NEW EXCOs for 2012/2013

President - Jack Ying
VPE - Bryan Cheong
VPM - Gerald Tan
VPPR - Lee Siew Li
Secretary - Tan Xin Wen
Treasurer - Yip Mun Yee
SAA - Isaac Ng Ving Onn

 Group photo! :) *say cheese*

Signing off,
Siew Li
VPPR of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

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