Sunday, 12 July 2015

A New Voyage

From the perspective of VPPR, Vincent Sar:

The meeting at HUTMC on the 11th of July was a success! Seniors mentioned how they have not seen this kind of positive environment for quite a long time, and now it has returned! It was the first meeting for the new term, and the new Help University Toastmasters Executive Committee are excited to provide you with the best experience at each and every meeting.

The meeting was attended by 18 people, with members from Money and You Toastmasters Club, Elite Toastmasters Club, Inti Toastmasters Club and Sunway Toastmasters Club.

We would like to thank Jacy Wee - Division J Director, for being our speech evaluator of Taufiq; Gerard Peter- Area J1 Director, for being our speech evaluator of Jack Ying, and Daniel Teh for being our general evaluator.

Also, thank you Victor Ong for visiting us.

The theme for our meeting was “New Voyage”,  signaling a brand new start for the new term.

Firstly, we had our Toastmaster of the Morning - James Kan, introducing the history of The Toastmasters Club and the pathway for Toastmasters.

When our Table Topics session came around, the first to attempt was the ex-VPE of our very own club - Toastmaster Ahmad. He gave a hilarious speech highlighting his experience on kissing the cement after riding the roller coaster for the first time!

The second table topics was delivered by Kim from Inti Toastmasters Club followed by Francis from Money & U Toastmasters club. The poignant message behind their speeches was to step out of our comfort zones.

The 4th table topics was volunteered by our first time guest - Cheong Min! She described about her exciting traveling experience with her friends. As a non-Toastmaster and a first time guest, we have to say that she did an extraordinarily fine job.

And finally, the last table topics was volunteered by our seasoned guest - Li Han. Well done Li Han for delivering a fine speech!

Next, came the projected speeches:

Today’s speech session was absolutely powerful, with two experienced speakers coming up on stage to share with us their speeches.

Our very own treasurer - Dheeno Rao, gave a speech on “Limits”. He shared with us his experiences of drawing and memory, and how he had to break through the limits through his creative expression of art.

Dheeno delivering his speech with gusto! 
I myself gave a speech on “Change for the better”, sharing with the audience my personal experience with my father about change, and how a shift in the mind, committing to the change can create a far more positive experience!

Our division J champion - Taufiq, gave an inspiring speech on “Let Go or Be Dragged”. In his speech, he shared with us a story on Micky and Minnie. It was only when Micky decided that it was time let go of the relationship between him and Minnie that he could redeem himself and focus on improving his quality of life.

Our loyal and dedicated advisor, Jack Ying,  gave a toast to all the members present, wishing us to have a successful road ahead for our new term. Thank you, Jack!

The best table topic speaker was Ahmad Fat’hi and best prepared speech was Taufiq Tajuddin. Congratulations to them both!

A very happy Ahmad receiving his price - a certificate of achievement for best Table Topics speaker! 
We would like to thank everyone too - our guests, Toastmasters members, role players and the EXCO members for making this meeting a memorable and successful one.

Daniel Teh 
Division J Director, Jacy Wee

The role players and speakers

We look forward to the next meeting and we hope to see all of you again!

A New Start!

A good day to all visitors! Our Toastmasters Club blog has not been active for the past 2 terms. With the new term members coming up, we promise that this blog will be updated frequently and that our upcoming meetings will be fun and exciting!

We look forward to seeing you there.

HELP Toastmasters 2015/2016 Executive Committee

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