Sunday, 30 July 2017

29 of July, 2017: Club Officer's Training 1 (COT 1) at Heriot-Watt University

Proud to announce our HELP University Toastmaster club officers! Let us serve y'all to become better public speakers.

Christopher Choong has successfully rebranded SAA as a very important role in recruiting new members.

Roadtrip to the Palace of Justice where Federal Court and Court of Appeal are located. A side note, this place is cool to be a photo shoot venue especially during sunset! 

Putrajaya is a planned city where most government offices are located. The architecture are astonishing. There is hope in Malaysia Architecture. 

Putra Mosque aka the Pink Mosque. P for Putra, P for pink.

17 of July, 2017 : Life's Mystery

Meeting kicked started by TOM Hong Wei (Inti) sharing his favorite quote from Forest Gump "Life is like a box of chocolates: You never know what you're gonna get."

Acting president Chia Chun's mystery of life is that he got a phone number of a stranger he met in swimming pool when he helped the stranger. So guys, be kind and help when you can!

Our favorite panelist were discussing about their 'clubbing' experience. 

Ching Lee Haw : "It does not matter if you became the president just after 1 table topic session. Fellow toastmaster, the more clubbing you go, the more experienced you are. "

 Ker Ching was giving his ice breaker speech. His name is Ker Ching because his dad got the inspiration when he heard the voice of the cashier machine went like "Ke Ching".

Yi Xing wanted a change, and here she came to toastmaster, slowly and steadily improving on her public speaking skill. Welcome to our family! 

Jo Ping was sharing the tip of exercising. Irregardless of the reason you choose to exercise, you shall exercise for yourself.

TJ was analysing the born of serial killer. 

The mad man Ooi Joshua was evaluating TJ, the perferct match.

DTM Renganathan from EY was the General Evaluater.

Congratz to Kar Yeen for winning the best speaker and also Mas Mahathir for winning the best evaluater award.

See you next time!

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