Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Christmas Preview

Hello All! On the 20th, we will be having our Christmas Themed Meeting. Anything and everything about our meeting will be Christmas-y there will also be food and fun!

Please invite all your friends!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

The accolades of Mr President

Once again, our trail-blazing president John Lee has done our club proud.

At the recent District 51 Evaluation Contest, he has beaten out many other distinguished competitors to emerge as the RUNNER UP

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the club or area or even division contest, John has gone INTERNATIONAL.

The level of his accolades raises the bar so high that it is only when he does not win that we are surprised.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give your respect and acclaimation to our president who will continue to set the standards for all associated with our club.

Congratulations John!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

The 1st of November

Some look forward to the first of every month for a variety of reasons, we at HELP UC Toastmasters Club are waiting on the first with anticipation because we have a Toastmasters meeting!

This week's meeting was made very special by the fact that one of our members has reached a milestone. Let us all put our hands together for our Treasurer, Miss Huang Qin Mei who has finished her Competent Communicator's Manual! Keep it up!

In attendance was none other than UEM Academy President Hadzrin who was also the Best Evaluator for the Day.

As mentioned, the next generation of our club was already stepping up, with the likes of Cassandra Wong coming to the fore.

Not to be left out, our exco also made their presence felt with the VPPR Jason Lim bagging the Best Assignment Speaker award for this meeting.

That's all for now folks, tune it next time for another edition of HELP UC Toastmaster's Club

Thursday, 30 October 2008

25th November 2008

It was another beautiful and lovely Saturday morning (well, quite figuratively) in DSA Room last Saturday’s Toastmaster Meeting. Meetings started exactly around approximately 9.40am, and BK, as the SAA of the Day started the meeting by asking us to introduce ourselves and ask us what the things we are grateful about. After that, John gave his presidential speech with the theme ‘Fight’ in our studies, Toastmasters and life. 

Next, it was Cassandra’s first time to become a Table Topic Masters, and she gave interesting titles to 5 volunteers. First, Merryn gave his speech based on the title ‘Don’t take life too seriously’ by telling his experiences working in a firm; he said that if we take things too serious, we will in the end lose more things. Second volunteer for the Table Topic section was Gajendran, where we were really curious when he got the title ‘Tell us about your Dream’. He talked about his dream of becoming successful lawyer, much influenced by his uncle, who is a famous and successful lawyer. However, he said that his uncle told him these: “Do not do law if you see me as a lawyer and successful, do law because you think YOU can be successful in law”. Next up, Paul was given the title ‘Behind a successful man is a surprised woman’. He expressed his gratitude towards Ka Chuan’s mother, who supported his studies and funded his entire education. On the other hand, Lourdes was talking about her ‘pursuit of happiness in life’ by telling us about seeking peace and the importance of her family to her. Finally, BK offered himself to talk about ‘If you could be any age for a week, what age you would be and why’. At the beginning he said that he don’t want to go back to his younger days; but later he said he would be delighted if he could return to his fifth former life, whereby he had great friends and teachers who supported him to study hard for SPM and prove to his parents, friends, and most importantly, himself. Then Chee Hong as the TT Evaluator gave his evaluation. 

As usual, after the evaluation there was the assignment speeches section. Ka Chuan, who have just joined in not too long ago gave his 3rd speech about his title ‘Think about It’, stressing about the importance of education in our life, and asking us to rethink the value of education today. Next, Jason Moi preceded his 6th speech with an interesting title ‘Are you M.A.D. enough?” To be M.A.D. or Make A Difference, there are three steps to be followed; do not think straight, be gay in everything we do, and throw the conscience away in order to be creative and unique such as Thomas E. Edison who created the light bulb, and other initially, well, considered him as ‘M.A.D’. Qinmei also enlighten us with her witty speech about ‘Evolution of A Name’ whereby she talked how different people could actually wrongly pronounced her surname, her name, and spaces between her name. She taught us the proper way of pronouncing her name correctly; which Qin actually pronounced as ‘Ch-in’ instead of ‘Que-in’ of ‘King-in’. Finally, John gave his Advanced CM about Presenting an Award to ‘Qin Mei’, as she ‘set examples for other women to follow’, where his speech was full of humor elements, which made us laughed during the speech. 

After that, General Evaluator of the Day Ernest (@Immediate Past President & Area Governor) gave his overall evaluation on the meeting. The assignment speeches were evaluated by Gajendran, Qinmei, John and Ernest respectively. Finally, the Best Table Topic Speaker was given to Gajendran while the best assignment speaker was Jason Moi, and the best evaluator of the day was John Lee.

by Jamie

18th October

The meeting started off with first time SAA, Cassandra, asking everybody to introduce themselves as well as share with the audience on what's so special about themselves. 

After the introductions, John took over the stage to give his presidential address. Taking the cue from the SAA of the morning, he centred his speech on being different and making a difference, and how we should keep trying to fight off indifference. In addition, he also took the opportunity to remind the audience to attend Division W's humorous speech and evaluation contest on this coming Saturday, 25th October. 

Next up, Toastmaster of the Morning, Book Keong, took over. He gave a brief history of Toastmasters International before asking the Grammarian of the day, Jason Lim, for the Word of the Day. The Word of the Day was epitome, which was, for the first time, used more than a few times throughout the meeting. 

The meeting then proceeded with the Table Topics session, conducted by first-time Table Topics Master, Ka Chuan. He did an admirable job, giving a brief introduction of the session for guests and new members before moving on with the session. 

The first speaker was yours truly, Pui Yee, who was 'rewarded' for her courage (ahem) with a topic called 'Donkey' (thanks a lot TTM). Yours truly went on to babble about cute donkeys and stubbornness, and ending the speech with a useful piece of advice – don't be a donkey. 

The second brave soul was Jee Aik, who attempted the speech topic, 'Great minds think alike'. He gave a interesting twist to the title, provoking the audience's thoughts by saying, 'Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ'. 

After that, the third speaker, Abel, took the stage. His topic was, 'You have invented the first time machine, what would you do with it?'. Surprisingly, he said that he would travel back to the era of World War II to see the movers and shakers of the world who altered the course of human history forever. 

Last but not least, Jason Lim, who gave an amazing performance when he talked about 'How I wish to be the opposite gender'. His speech prompted laughs and entertained the audience so much so that he was voted the Best Table Topics Speaker. 

Next up was the evaluation session, conducted by the always animated Jason Moi. 

The meeting proceeded with the assignment speeches. Ka Chuan, doing his CCM#2, gave a thought-provoking speech titled, 'Do you think what you think you think?', in which he questioned our very existence. 

The second speaker, also doing CCM#2, was Cassandra. She gave a hilarious speech titled, 'I promised to be safe'. She recounted her experience in learning how to drive and although it was funny, it was a good reminder for the rest of us to be careful while on the roads. 

The third speaker was our regular guest from UEM Academy, Hedzrin. He also gave a humourous speech titled 'Why so shy?' from the AC manual.

Last but not least, our very own Immediate Past President, Ernest, gave a speech from the AC manual titled 'You can be a better communicator'. He was awarded Best Assignment Speaker. 

by Evon Low

Sunday, 5 October 2008

the 27th of September

Toastmasters Meeting on the 27th September commenced exactly at 9.38am. Members and guests introduced themselves to break the ice and get the meeting up and running.

Denise, the table topics master, presented unique idioms as the day’s table topic titles and everyone on the floor are given the opportunity to speak based on the idiom. It was quite tough as speakers are to relate a story to the idiom. Nevertheless, the volunteers managed to speak their way through with good vocals and points. There were five speakers altogether, namely Joshua, a second timer as a guest at our club, Fun from UM toastmasters club, Boon Keong, Jamie and Ka Chuan. Micheal was the evaluator and for his evaluation, he offered praises for the speakers’ strong points. He also highlighted their weaknesses and suggested ways of improvement. It was a thorough evaluation.

Moving on, we had 2 ice breaker speeches. The first is given by Cassandra, titled “You will never know”. Her topic was interesting as we get to know things which we may never have guessed. Her speech contains bits and pieces of her life and incidents which mattered deeply to her. Second icebreaker speech was presented by Ka Chuan. He started his speech by narrating briefly about his birth which I found was really interesting. He moved to talk about his family and his involvement in sports. From his speech everyone got to know him as a good sportsman who can play many sports.

Third speech of the day was by Jamie titled the past and the future. She spoke about making decisions in life and the importance of following up with the decisions we made. It was a speech full of values we can absorb and put into practice. Last speech was by John Lee titled “The Roast”. It was a humorous speech as John “roasted” two “fictional” characters named Gajendran and Qinmei who were getting married. John’s speech left the audience roaring with laughter.

Next was the evaluation session. General evaluator Gajendran invited his team of evaluators to evaluate the speakers. First evaluator was Jee Aik, followed by John Lee, me(Chee Hoong) and lastly Qinmei. The evaluators offered compliments to the 1st timers Cassandra and Ka Chuan and they also gave sound advice to them. I pointed out the good points and weaknesses of Jamie while Qinmei did similarly for her evaluation. Our aim is to assist in any way we can to anhance their speaking skills. General evaluator also offered some pointers for the speakers to consider. The evaluation session was completed with the Ah counter report by Faiq, Timekeeper report by Pui Yee and language evaluator report by Qinmei.

The final agenda is the presidential address by John Lee. John Lee promoted the idea of visiting other clubs to gain exposure as well as contacts. He also mentioned the mentor-mentee system for our club which have been revived. The winners for best table topic speaker, best assignment speaker and best evaluator was announced. The champion for the day for best table topic speaker was Boon Keong. Best assignment speaker goes to John Lee while best evaluator falls on the hands of Qinmei. Congrats to everyone above. That ended our meeting for the day. I hope that everyone gained something from it and make the best they can out of their experience at HELP toastmasters club meeting.

THE Contest we have been waiting for.

With bated breath and beating hearts we anticipated the Area W2 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest. And it has finally arrived!

Our contest chair was none other than Sai Masters Toastmasters Club president himself, Suresh!
Well, straight into the action, here are the various contestants in action for the humorous speech. In action were the representatives from the 5 clubs in area W2 namely HELP, Hasil, Exact ADC, Ernst&Young and UEM Academy.

After a short break for refreshments, the evaluation contest got underway with our test speaker the charming Gene Lau.

After each contestant presented their evaluation, it was time for the judges to decide the winners to represent the area in the upcoming division W contest.

And now ladies and gentlemen, presenting the winner of Area W2's Humorous Speech Contest 2008 *drumroll please*

Hadzrin from UEM Academy!

As for the Evaluation section, the winner is none other than HELP TMC's president John Lee!

Congratulations to both. Come support them at the upcoming Area W2 Contest!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

6th September - The eve of the area contest

At around 9.35am, Faiq, Sergeant-at-Arms for the day, called the meeting to order and warmed us up for public speaking by posing this question: Why did you join Toastmasters and how has it benefitted you?

Club President John Lee then proceeded to give his presidential address which highlighted that our club’s 99.9% college student population (excluding Ernest) brought youthful energy to other Toastmasters Clubs whose members are already working middle age adults.

Boon Keong, The Table Topics Master gave distinctly original Table Topics like “Why Did You Paint Your House Pink?” and “Why Do You Live Next to a Nuclear Power Plant?” And of course, we all sat back to enjoy the ensuing nonsensical oratory performance.

The meeting continued with the prepared speeches of the day. Jason Moi presented a speech that extracted valuable lessons from fishing to be applied in daily life. Jee Aik gave a modified version of his speech entitled “An Unusual Person” which was first presented during this year’s club Humorous Contest.

After the break, Qinmei then presented her speech entitled “Colours.” She explained the emotions usually associated with colours and what the colours meant to her.

Last but not least, Ernest the Area governor was up! He gave a speech entitled “My Youth Symptom.” Ernest described the acne problems he faced during his later teenage years and how it destroyed his “handsome face” (Quoted directly from speech), but also how it wrecked his self-esteem as well. His speech was not only entertaining but also taught us a valuable lesson that we should not dwell solely on our weaknesses but focus on our strengths.

As the meeting drew to a close, the anticipation grew as we are just a few more hours away from the Area W2 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest which our club will be proudly hosting. Pictures are coming soon! Hang on to your hats ladies and gentlemen!

30th August - Olympic Hangover and Merdeka Anticipation

Today's toastmaster meeting was somewhat caught between 2 events. On one hand, many were still recovering from an Olympic hangover while others were in anticipation of our National Day the next day. However, this did not stop us from having a great meeting as well as start gearing up for the Area Contest which will be held the following week.
The meeting kicked off with SAA Denise who asked us to state our hope for our beloved country's future. We were joined by some very distinguished guest such as the Area W2 Gvernor Ernest Wong, University Malaya Toastmaster's Club president Kimmy Foo and UEM Academy president Hadzrin.

Dennis Wee, a frequent visitor to our club visited us today to give a humorous speech in anticipation of next week's area contest.

Also in action was our Club president giving an eulogy from The Advanced communicator's manual.
All in all, it was once again an entertaining and educational meeting.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Apologies and Updates

to the very eager readers of our blog,

I am very sorry the post of our Club Contest is taking so long, our dedicated team of photographers took so many quality pictures that it is taking a very long time to process and upload them, however, do not fear, we will have a post soon

on another note, there will be NO MEETING ON THE 16TH OF AUGUST. Kindly take note and do not arrive on saturday morning, the only person there would be the security guard.

Thank you

Eagerly awaiting the photos as much as you are,
Jason Lim (VPPR)

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Message from our VPM

Fellow members,

When On Top, Stay On Top!

We've experienced how our club achieving President Distinguish Club Awards under presidency of our foresighted and capable leaders. However,the nearer the top we are, the harder we have to work to stay there. Thus, I decided to have a membership contest in our club in order to maintain or even increase the membership growth, hopefully adding more members to our big family!

Details are as below :

02 August 08 -- 15 Sept 08

Individuals who get 1 new member signing up as our club member (Paid at Bursary) will be awarded an Appreciation Certificate.

Individuals who get 2 new members signing up as our club members (Paid at Bursary) will be awarded a Toastmaster International Pin.

Individuals who get 3 and above new members signing up as our club members (Paid at Bursary) will be awarded a Significant Toastmaster International Trophy.

Criteria : NO ENTRY REQUIREMENT as long as you are an active member in our club, you are eligible!!

Let us make our club greater than ever before!

Chin, Vice President Membership
016-796 8718

Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Instllation dinner - from the Perspective of our SAA

Ashrel, Ming Haur, Pui Yee and I arrived at the Penthouse Menara Choy Fook On building. We were figuring the entrance into the building. Then Kevin arrived and bumped into us, followed by Boon Keong. Finally, we found the right way which was through the car park basement. I thought the Maharaj Restaurant was located on the first floor but turned out to be way higher than that!

We reached the floor and entered Maharaj Restaurant. As we walked into the room where the dinner was held, we saw most of the other members had already arrived, seated at their respective tables in high casual attire. The hospitable Gajendran welcomed and greeted each of us as we walked in. In there, the room looked like as if I was in the medieval age; it was decorated with two huge portraits that looked like king figures and triangle banners hung on the edges of the wall. This is from a perspective of a person who had never been into an Indian restaurant apart from mamak stalls. It was a great experience.

In one part of the dinner, one crowd (my crowd) stated telling lame jokes that caused uproar of laughter. “So this is what Toastmasters do when there are not in Toastmasters!” Boon Keong said. Most of the lame jokes were so lame that it I was lost at sea. They laughed at me when I was figuring hard. Jason Moi decided to tell what he called sophisticated joke (why is the portrait innocent?), hoping I would understand but I did not. “Wow, not even my sophisticated joke worked!” he said in surprise and the crowd laughed. Later on, somehow they were talking about the “Little Mermaid” music and imitating it. They imitated sounded so funny for me that I laughed out loud. “Wow, this one he gets it! We finally got him to laugh!” someone remarked.

Another part was the pick-up lines. Jason Lim had a lot of pick-up-lines which demonstrated his strong knowledge in it. However, some content of pick-up-lines sounded more for 18-above audience, so I thought it was inappropriate as I know some members below that age!

Later on, there was a Table Topics session! I was expecting some Karaoke actually. The first speaker, Boon Keong, spoke how he became a feminist. He said he likes girls while does not like guys as guys are mean. For example, John was mean to give him this tough topic, Boon Keong said. Next was Micheal, the long lost member who has returned from our club. Boon Keong begins, Micheal returns (this sentence is related to a lame joke)! He told us why he likes washing dishes. He likes to see his handsome face in the clean reflection of cutlery and just cannot stand dirty dishes like the ones on our tables (Qinmei, I have figured out why it is called Table Topics, lol…). Next was Kimmy, from UM Toastmasters Club. She told us the secret ingredient for her lustrous hair which was nothing more than her natural saliva! Yikes! After that was Jason Moi who was given the topic about his relationship with a 35-year-old woman. “John! Don’t you dare call her 35! She’s 17 in my heart!” And the way he expressed his feelings was so convincing that it sounded he really has one! Lastly came Jason Lim who told us why he should be the next president of the United States. One, he has Boon Keong as his feminist; two, he has Micheal to “clean” the country.

At the end of the dinner, Gajendran thanked everyone for coming. However, some still had not enough fun, so they decided to hang at mamak stall while some had gone home. Wonder how long did they hang out… Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable dinner as members were kept laughing throughout the night.

Here are some pictures of the night:

as seen by
Jee Aik

26th July

Another Toastmasters meeting has arrived. The meeting began a 9.36am. The audience was asked by the SAA, Boon Keong, how they knew about Toastmasters and everyone shared their story. The control then was passed to the president, John, who gave his presidential speech. He said all of us have a common goal: to communicate better. He hopes our relationship will be fostered through working towards the common goal. After that the TOM, Denise, took control. This was her very first time playing the TOM role. She told the TM history, requested the word of the day. The TOM role went smoothly and according to plan.

During the assignment speeches session, Kang Han gave his first assgnment speech, entitled“Why So Serious?” He was persuading the audience to watch the “Dark Night” movie. Reasons were: the seriousness of the director, the great cast, and Heath Ledger’s (Joker) great acting. He made many interesting evaluation points which showed his critical thinking skill for movies. Good job Kang Han! Looking forward to your next speech!

Then came Jook Yew who presented “Lying is the Best Policy.” Another persuasive message but instead of movie, it was ethic value. He told us how his parents lied to him about Santa clause to make him to behave well. As long as lying is done with good intention, it is good, according to Jook Yew.

After the break, Han Lian delivered his speech “Death Penalty, What Do You Know About It?” He argued that death penalty is cruel, unfair to the wrongly convicted, and destroys right to life. He told us how some torture methods were employed inhumanely and illustrated the one very vividly that it sent shiver down my spine!

Then came the last speaker, John, with his speech entitled “A Toast.” “Welcome to the Britney Spears Fan Club!” he said, and audience burst into laughter. He commended the striking things Britney Spears did, sarcastically, such as the kissing of a girl and having the shortest marriage. At the end, he gave a toast.
Then came the evaluation session. Qinmei evaluated Kang Han’s speech. It was her first time evaluating a speech, and she just completed her sixth project only last week. Ming Haur evaluated Jook Yew, Hedzri evaluated Han Lian, and Ernest evaluated John. Next were reports from other role players: Kevin (First time LE, was asked to play only that day.) Pui Yee (AC), Jason Moi, and Hadzrin (GE).

After the evaluation session was a workshop entitled “How to Organize a Successful Contest” by our area governor, Ernest. He briefed us the things needed to be done and considered before and during a contest. Then came the Q&A session where it was a fruitful discussion.
Lastly, John who concluded the meeting at the end of the day. The best speaker was himself while the best evaluator was Ernest. He thanked the guests and restated the message that HELP Toastmasters Club will emerge as champion in the Division W. The meeting ended at 11.53am.

prepared by
Jee Aik

Sunday, 27 July 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls.
Please, do yourselves a favour and join =p

19th July - Joint meeting with Sai Masters

19th July marked another chapter in our Club's progress with the advent of a joint meeting with Sai Masters Toastmasters Club. Both club exco members put much effort into organising this joint meeting knowing that it would benefit both clubs greatly in terms of education as well as strengthening the bonds between both these Presidents Distinguished Clubs.
The meeting kicked off with Sai Masters President Suresh Mohan giving his presidential address followed by HUC's president John Lee.

The Area W2 Governor and former president of HELP UC Ernest Wong attended the meeting with the added role of being the Table Topics Evaluator as well.
As for the speech slots, each club was given two each, HELP's slots were taken up by Jason Lim and Qin Mei, whereas Sai Masters' slots were allotted to Chandra Mohan and Kumara Devi.

The Area W2 Governor Ernest was not the only VIP guest in attendance, Dr. Devi Menon, the Area W1 Governor was also in attendance and she played the role of General Evaluator for the day.

All in all, it was a great occasion, full of laughter and fellowship, HELP looks forward to many more meetings as fruitful as this.

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