What is Toastmasters?

The word 'Toastmasters' may sound a bit unfamiliar to some, and you might be right if you try to associate 'Toastmasters' with 'public speaking'. However, public speaking is just a tip of an iceberg. By becoming a Toastmaster, it is more than being able to speak confidently and smoothly in front of the public/audiences, it is a valuable opportunity for you to meet people who share the same passion with you, a stepping stone for you to reach for greater heights in any area that you wish to, a learning process for you to become a leader and take charge of a project, a club, an organization, and anything and everything than just public speaking.
If you are wondering what Toastmasters do and how the club runs, this is the right place for you to clarify your doubts. Just check out the sidebar on your right and click on the links. If you do find questions that are not available in any of these websites, kindly Facebook message us at https://www.facebook.com/HUTMC/! We will be happy to assist you. 

Still not enough? Come and bring yourselves to our meetings and meet up with our members who are passionate to share with you anything and everything about Toastmasters. Or, feel free to approach any of our Executive Committee members for more inquires! 

You can find out details about our meetings on the 'About us' page.

Have a fun time roaming here!

I've heard of the famous Table Topics. Yet I have no idea what it is all about. Mind telling me?

Table topics are spontaneous speeches that are given to a participant (a volunteer) for him/her to elaborate within a given time. In order for you to understand more about table topics here is a link which contains the ideas and experiences recorded by people around the world.
Don't get intimidated by the amount of words you see when you click on that link, though. Just read through patiently, and who knows, you might be able to understand table topics more thoroughly and perhaps come out with your OWN brilliant table topics! 

Wow! Toastmasters seems really cool. How do I join your club?

In order to join us, you will have to come for one of our meetings to experience what it's like to be one of us (unlimited free trials! You can come as many times as you want before joining!) In order to get more information on whether there will be an upcoming meeting :-

a) Message us at https://www.facebook.com/HUTMC/
b) Like us and send us a message on our Facebook Page! 
c) Approach any of our club members anytime, anywhere

The actual process of becoming one of us will be further explained when you attend our meetings.

For more information on becoming a member, please do not hesitate to look for any Executive Committee members listed on the right sidebar.

Okay, what will I need to do after joining Toastmasters?

When you join Toastmasters club, you will begin your assigned speeches (prepared speeches) with the Competent Communication Manual and your leadership roles in Competent Leadership Roles. Upon completing the CC Manual, you will achieve the title "CC". On the other hand, when you completed the CL Manual, you will achieve the title "CL".

Competent Communication Manual
Project 1: The Ice Breaker*
Project 2: Organize Your Speech
Project 3: Get to the Point
Project 4: How to Say It
Project 5: Your Body Speaks
Project 6: Vocal Variety
**TMs who have completed at least the first 6 speeches in the manual can start taking up evaluator roles*
Project 7: Research Your Topic
Project 8: Get confortable with Visual Aids
Project 9: Persuade With Power
Project 10: Inspire Your Audience*
*In our club, priority is given to speakers doing their Icebreaker and their 10th speech 
speech slot bookings are made.

Competent Leadership Manual
Everything you need to know on becoming a good leader is presented in the manual. You will complete the CL Manual by taking up roles such as TableTopic Master, Evaluator, Time Keeper, Toastmaster of the Morning, and more. 

How about visiting other Clubs? 

Visiting clubs is one of the many cool cultures the Toastmasters clubs offer. By visiting clubs, you are able to forge new friendships, gain new exposure to all sorts of unique meetings that other clubs organise, and further promote your own club (a hint for those who want to make it big in TM; it all starts with you representing your club).
You just need to input the location you want (e.g: if you want to find a club near your house in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, then select the choice of location in the drop-down boxes)
You'll be able to find out their meeting days and times, and contact details too.
By becoming a Toastmaster, you are automatically recognized internationally as a Toastmasters. Therefore, you are able to visit and participate in role-play and complete your speech-manual at any Toastmasters Club worldwide.
In HELP Toastmasters Club, occasionally we will visit other clubs of different division in regular/joint meetings or contests organized throughout the year.

Have more questions that are not listed here? Fret not, you'll just need to:

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