Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Save The Best For The Last

Hohoho~! Merry early Christmas! 2012 has been a meaningful and extraordinary year for HELP University Toastmasters. Many things happened, be it positive or negative. But the bell rings to remind us that the year is coming to an end, alerting us whether we have achieved what we aimed for. This cannot be done away without evaluating your own progress. Have you reached your goals?

The saints said, save the best for the last. Likewise, it happens here in HELP University Toastmasters! We're happy to inform you that there is no meeting on 22/12/12 but instead, our final meeting of the year will be on 29th. Please refer the information below:

Date: 29th December 2012
Time: 9:30 am till approximately noon
Attire: Smart casual
Entrance Fee: FREE!
Venue: check it out here!

All roles are opened for reservation, excluding 2 speech slots. If you want to close the year with a blast, close it with something educational - take up a role for a challenge! =>

Please contact us for more information, also, on roles reservation.

Till then, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Counting Down

Howdy people~! Time flies very quickly that little did we know, it's already December! It also means that the count down to DOOMSDAY the end of 2012 has started ticking. It has been a great journey for this term of Toastmasters meetings; therefore, we must end the term gloriously with the goals we prior set.

Calling all, members, honourable guests and visitors...come and join our next meeting on the following details.

Date: 15/12/12
Time: 9:30 am till approximately noon
Attire: Smart casual
Entrance Fee: FREE! (Did I mention that we serve refreshments for free too? ;D)
Venue: DSA Main Block, HELP University, Pusat Bandara Damansara. - check it out here.

As per usual, it will be educational and beneficial to all members and guests to exchange ideas, views and skills for self enhancement. What more can I say that it is a mutual victory output from the learning process?!

All roles are opened now, except for Table Topics Master and Grammarian. Come and reserve it to achieve highest growth before the new year starts! Contact the exco members with the numbers and contact details enlisted in the page for roles reservation.

Remember, better late than never to pick yourself up and improve.


HELP University Toastmasters

Monday, 26 November 2012


Fellow toastmasters!


Meeting this Saturday (1/12/12) will be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Fret not, there will be a replacement on the following week (8/12/12).

Meanwhile, if you plan not to miss any improvement opportunity, please inform us so that we can help you look for roles in other possible clubs on a Saturday morning :)


Siew Li
VP Public Relations

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Hey people!

Gentle Reminder!
Do take note that we have a meeting this Saturday - 24th November 2012 
It's the last meeting in November! Venue : DSA Mainblock - opposite Starbucks
Time : 9.30am till 12 noon

Members, book your roles fast with our VPE, Bryan Cheong,

Any further inquiries, don't be shy to email us at  we'll do our very best to get back to you as soon as possible :)

Siew Li
VP Public Relations of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013



CONGRATULATIONS TO JASON MOI, our Immediate Past President for grabbing the 2nd Runner up place in the DISTRICT 51 HUMOROUS SPEECH CONTEST!

He did us proud again! :) you're soooo awesome! 

Here are the overall results! 
District 51 Humorous Speech Contest
1st Place: SIM Bock San (IEM Toastmasters Club, Division E)
2nd Place: Timothy Nakayama (Friendship Toastmasters Club, Division W)
3rd Place: Jason Moi Kok Lum (Help University College Toastmasters Club, Division G)

District 51 Evaluation Contest
1st Place: Nazaruddin Abdullah (Pesona Toastmasters Club, Division P)
2nd Place: Dennis WEE Sung Ken (D'Utama Advanced Toastmaster Club, Division B)
3rd Place: Asha Suresh Chand (Oracle Advanced Toastmasters Club, Division N)

Siew Li
VP Public Relations of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013



With the theme, JUST DO IT! We're reminded that it's almost the end of the year 2012.


Don't wait any longer! DO IT NOW, DO IT RIGHT!


We had guests from INTEC TMC, FRIENDSHIP TMC, TAYLORS UNI TMC and MONEY & YOU TMC on this joyful Saturday morning!

6 enthusiastic speakers and evaluators rock the stage with their superb speeches and evaluations!

2 of our HELP TMC members, Michelle Koo and Tan Shu Ting, finally broke the ice, with their very first CC#1 speech! WELL DONE for the courage, in taking the very first step! :)
They were evaluated by Christian and Siew Li, respectively.

Edward, then shared with us his CC#6 speech entitled "when enough is never enough", he taught us not to be greedy! So peeps out there, don't be greedy especially when you're in a buffet, don't take a mountain high level of food, if you can't finish it!! THINK of those, who are starving and dying of hunger! Edward was evaluated by the very kind yet precise evaluator from TAYLORS UNI TMC - Shaun Liew

INTEC toastmasters club, BEH YUAN YE, gave his ACM#2 - The Radio-Talk show - Studying medicine at IMU. He's currently a year one student at IMU, and shared with us the IMU degrees offered to persue medicine and the journey in obtaining a less costly yet prestigious degree.
He had a role play with Siew Li-as the HELP FM radio talk show host, entertained the audience!
There was also a Q&A session at the end of the talk show where audience (so called HELP FM listeners) called in to ask Mr Beh some questions on IMU :) Jack Ying, President of HELP TMC, then gave his views and suggestions on how to further improve Yuan Ye's speech :)

Up next, Eugene Lau, CC, CL, member of HELP TMC, gave his ACM#3 I WANT TO WIN!
He gave us 8 tips on how to negotiate with someone, such examples are to first know what are the other party wants and needs, to lead the discussion, best time to negotiate is in the MORNING, when people seems to be more relaxed and happy and to appreciate the other party.
He had a role play with Siew Li, as his landlord, which he has been renting the house for 2 years.
Siew Li, the landlord decides to increase the rent from RM700 to RM850, and he managed to negotiate to a  win win rent rate - RM800 per room.
Eugene was evaluated by our guests - the very honest and seasoned pretty evaluator, Jacy Wee, CC, CL from MONEY & YOU TMC.

Last but not least, we have the all time favourite speaker - VPE Bryan Cheong, to deliver his ACM#9 speech, MALAYSIA-THE BEST.
He entertained the crowd (situation : at the Maybank annual dinner) with his endless jokes revolving Malaysians, the place, food, and culture. He managed to keep the atmosphere alive with the full energy given to his speech - packed with actions, and expressions. He even ended his speech with a song, with the tune of JUSTIN BIEBER'S "BOYFRIEND", he changed the lyrics - related to MALAYSIA !
Bryan was evaluated by our guest - the lovely, pretty and ever sincere evaluator, Alexandra Lau, CC,CL President of FRIENDSHIP TMC!

Great job, to all role players - who did a fabulous job as they are mostly first timers in their roles.

Albert Ng - Language Evaluator
Denise - AH counter
Thiam Poh - Timer
Yean Yi - guest from TAYLORS UNI TMC - GE
Bryan - TOM
James -SAA


BEST EVALUATOR GOES TO...................... JACY WEE!!

Siew Li
VP Public Relations of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

Thursday, 15 November 2012


3rd November 2012

Halloween Themed Meeting 

A spooky morning, started off with the introduction session conducted by Shu Ting, TM our SAA,  presidential address by Jack Ying, followed by an interesting Halloween Table Topics Session conducted by Zahir Ahmad, president of Taylor's TMC!

Then, our Toastmasters of the Morning, Mr Edward Boey *his first time taking up this role* did a fabulous job on telling us the history of Toastmasters as well as introducing the speakers and keeping the meeting rolling! :)

We had 4 Vampires Speakers on this morning :

CC#3 – Life in Equalibrium | Isaac Ng, TM
CC#6 –Remedy for Negatively| Shaun Liew, TM
CC#8 – The Unseen| Yean Yi,TM
ACM#7 –  A Joke | Bryan Cheong, CC, CL

Evaluators :

- Jack Ying, TM
- Timothy N,ACS, CL
- Dennis, CC, CL
- Chan Siew Peng, ACG, ALB

Yean Yi
                                                               Timothy Nakayama

                                Zahir - Table Topics Master            Chan Siew Peng - GE

Best Speaker Goes to..... BRYAN CHEONG

Best Table Topics Speakers Goes to...... YEAN YI

Best Evaluator Goes to............... TIMOTHY NAKAYAMA

Bunch of Toasties from Taylors Universities Toastmasters Club

Members + Guests, listening attentively to the speeches!

Birthday Celebration for ME! :) thanks guys!

Group photos of the vampires of the day! :)

Fruitful meeting, all had fun yoooo :P

Siew Li
VP Public Relations of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

Tuesday, 13 November 2012



Date : 17th November 2012
Time : 9.30am till 12noon
Venue : DSA, Pusat Bandar Damansara - opposite Starbucks

It is going to be an exciting SPEECH MARATHON.
7 enthusiastic speakers!
7 awesome evaluators!

A meeting NOT to be missed!

Book your roles now! :)

Any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us! Contact details can be found in this blog :P

Siew Li
VP Public Relations

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Theme Meeting @ 3rd Nov 2012

Its the time of the year where we dress up as the monsters within us. come join us for a spooky saturday morning, where vampires wake up in the morning for toastmasters meeting. 


HELP Meeting - Halloween Season

Time: 9:30 am till noon
Date : 3rd November 2012 (Saturday) 
Venue: DSA Main Block ( Behind Starbucks) 
Dress Code: Halloween costume 

See you there!

Siew Li
VPPR of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/13

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Our Next Meeting...

Hey people, we'll be having our last meeting in October this Saturday (27/10/2012) as usual, same time, same place! See you there!

Time: 9:30 am till noon
Venue: DSA Main Block

Oh hey, you can find the meeting details from our blog! xD

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Upcoming Meeting - 20th OCTOBER 2012

Hey people,

It is going to be the 3rd Saturday of the month! :)
Do take note that we have a meeting this Saturday - 20th October 2012
Venue : DSA Mainblock - opposite Starbucks
Time : 9.30am till 12 noon

The Theme for this week's meeting is.....


It's going to be one fun meeting where you do not want to miss!
Come join us, and have some fun learning! :)

remember, NO DOOR FEES! feel free to come!

Any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me at 012 2686303 or VPE Bryan Cheong at 012 2601993

Siew Li
VP Public Relations of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

Friday, 12 October 2012

Walking down the memory lane.... 9 years old now!

HELP University Toastmasters Club turned 9, last saturday on the 6th of October 2012!

With the theme, Charter Celebration, there were 40 people in-house consisting of members, past presidents, and an overwhelming turnout of guests on this very special day! This is the first time ever in our club toastmasters history to have 40 people attending the meeting.

It is indeed a pleasure having such large crowd of enthusiastic audience and speakers!


Not only that, the meeting was made extraordinary with the presence of our charter VPE, Dr. Nagiah, along with our past presidents, Jamie, Faiq Farisan, and many more.

The meeting started off with an introduction session by our SAA, Christian Leong. He asked us what is the one best memory in our Toastmasters journey so far!

Toastmasters of the morning, Tan Xin Wen brought up the mood throughout the meeting, and controlled the crowd of 40 people very well. Well done!

Then, Table Topics session was made special this time by VPE, Bryan Cheong as the table topics master.
With a combination of guessing the right song and popping the balloons, everyone was excited to attempt a Table Topic! :)

During the break, President Jack Ying, proposed a toast and thank everyone for their presence and support towards HELP TMC. Without their contributions, HELP Uni TMC will not achieve the President's Distinguished Club till today :)

4 interesting and engaging assignment speeches was given by : 

Aaron Foo      CC#4 Brushing Teeth
Edward Boey  CC#4 V.I.P
Jon Tan, DTM CC#4 Wind Beneath Your Wings
Siew Li            CC#5 Land of The Rising Sun

Evaluation Session was conducted by one and only forever young looking - SIOK LOOI, as our general evaluator - assisted by a team of seasoned and experienced evaluators
Rajveer Singh, Ho Mun Kit, James Kan, Dennis de Vosse :)


The Best Table Topics Speaker goes to....... President, JACK YING!

The Best Assignment Speaker goes to.......... VPPR, SIEW LI!

The Best Evaluator goes to................ RAJVEER SINGH!

Everyone gathered for an inspirational singing session, - You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban
And We had a mini celebration at the end of the meeting :)

It was indeed proud moments of being a Toastmasters and we hope to continue to bring glory to the club and to make each meeting fun and exciting!

For more photos, log on to :

Lastly, We sincerely thank you all for joining us in celebrating our 9th Charter Celebration!
Special thanks to : Jon Tan, Chen Keat, Siok Looi, Dr. Nagiah, and all our past presidents/excos.

Quote of the day :

"There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream"  

Siew Li
VPPR of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

AREA G3 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2012

HELP Uni TMC did it again!!!

Our very own champions, Jason Moi and Jack Ying, represented HELP Uni TMC in the Area G3 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest on the 22nd of September 2012 and again,
THEY MADE US PROUD with their spectacular performance on that day!

Both Jason Moi and Jack Ying managed to entertain the crowd of 60 people with their witty speech!
There were many toastmasters from other clubs that were present during this event, not forgetting supporters that were rooting for their favorite ones as well as guests.

7 CONTESTANTS from 4 different clubs were competing for the same spot - only ONE champion in humorous speech contest.

KEITH HO                                    - MID VALLEY TMC

For evaluation contest, all clubs were represented by the same representatives, except for Money and You TMC were represented by VICTOR ONG & JACYLYN WEE.

*drum rolls*

Humorous Speech Contest

Champion goes to JASON MOI from HELP UNI TMC!

First Runner Up goes to MUN YEE from MONASH UNI TMC!

2nd Runner Up goes to VICTOR ONG from MONEY AND YOU TMC!

Speech Evaluation Contest

Champion goes to JACYLYN WEE from MONEY AND YOU TMC!

First Runner Up goes to JASON MOI from HELP UNI TMC!

Second Runner Up goes to MUN YEE from MONASH UNI TMC!

Before we bid adieu, Division G governer, Thiagarajah gave his closing speech and a group photo was taken :)

Great contest organized with the coorperation from all Area G3 clubs, with the assistance of Zoe Lo,CC, CL member of HELP Uni TMC as the organizing chair of this event!
Well done and congratulations to all!
We thank you for your support in witnessing the proud moments of our very own IPP, Jason Moi. May he continue to make our club proud and be the best among the rest! :)

For more photos, log on to our fb page to check it out! :)

Siew Li
VP Public Relations of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

Sunday, 30 September 2012

9th Anniversary Charter Celebration!!

Come join us on the 6th of October 2012 at HELP DSA -mainblock to celebrate our 9th anniversary since the day HELP University Toastmasters Club was born :)

It's a joyous occasion as this meeting coincide with the exact Charter date - 6th of October 2003.
Lets all come together to cherish and appreciate the contributions made by the leaders who made this club all the way to the President Distinguished Club :)

There will be POT LUCK -  lunch session after the meeting, hence we would love all of you to bring some food/drinks/snacks to contribute to fill the empty stomach :)

To avoid bringing the same food, kindly log onto our facebook event page to discuss, what you're bringing :)

Also, like our facebook page! 

It is going to be one memorable meeting! :)

HINT : Special Performance on that day! Be sure not to miss it!! 

Siew Li
VPPR of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Upcoming events : Joint Meeting with Taylor's University Toastmasters Club


We're having a joint meeting with Taylor's University Toastmasters Club next week!
Details as follows :

Date : 29th September 2012
Time : 9.30am till 12noon
Venue : Taylor's University Lakeside Campus - LT 11 (tentative venue)

It's the mutual learning environment that gives us the motivation to strive and opt for better improvements in life. It is therefore vital that each members do their best to join us for the joint meeting as we can widen our social network as well as to gain different views on other club meetings :)

If you require transportation, do contact us at 012-2686303 (Siew Li) or 012 2601993 (Bryan)


Siew Li
VP Public Relations of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

Thursday, 13 September 2012



We're back with day 2! More courageous and enthusiastic speakers will take the stage and mesmerize the crowd, with their hidden talent - the great speaking skills :)

The 2nd day workshop started off with a table topic session, conducted by VPPR, Siew Li and evaluated by IPP, Jason Moi ACS, CL.
All participants were given a chance to do the table topics this morning! The order was set by the musical chair game, similarly, passing on "chicken little" while the music plays, until it stops! the person holding "chicken little" will have to to the table topics :) don't worry, the sky isn't falling yet!

Our 3rd speaker, IPP Jason Moi ACS, CL, then took the stage to share with us one important element in a speech - THE VOCAL VARIETY - which also gives more impact to a speech :)

Then, Stephanie Teoh,CC, CL, an experienced toastmasters all the way from Taylor's University Toastmasters Club, gave us some tips on evaluation. As the saying goes, evaluation is the breakfast for all champions. Therefore, it is vital that we learn to evaluate, by doing so, we would be more certain on how to improve our speech as well as not to repeat the same mistake all over again :)

She first warmed us up by dancing to Macarena after the heavy lunch :P

Our last speaker came all the way from MidValley Toastmasters Club, Timothy Nakayama, ACB shared with us how to work with words. Simple yet understandable usage of words, as well as usage of triads :)

Participants were then given 40 minutes to prepare their final speech for this workshop. They were to deliver a speech revolving - " how to say it " for 3-5 minutes :)
Wei Wei
Vincent Khoo                                                     Gabriel Mak
Pui Shan                                             Edward Boey
Rachel Saw                                                       Poh Kim
Silas Liew                                                    Li Peng

The participants were evaluated by a team of seasoned evaluators namely, Timothy Nakayama, Rajveer Singh, Jack Ying, James Kan, Bryan Cheong, Siew Li, and Zoe Lo.

Excellent speech given by all the speakers, *round of applause*
Though it may just be their third time giving a speech in front of such a big crowd, they portrayed more confidence speaking in front of the public as compared to day 1. Indeed, practices makes perfect. In order to reduce the butterflies in the stomach when you get up on stage next time, believe in yourself! stop hesitating your ability and start practicing now!

After the award presentation ceremony, participants and speakers exchanged contacts details to keep in touch and not forgetting, a picture paints a thousand words - group photo! :)

For more photos on speechcraft workshop : LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!

Thank you for your participation in this workshop as we hope you had gained a lot through this intensive workshop. If you seek to improve your communication skills further, as well as widening your network circle, come join us at HELP University Toastmasters Club! It is the mutual learning environment that we need, in order to be an excellent speaker one day.

Also, a BIG THANK YOU! to :
Our organising chair, Bryan Cheong,
Speakers, Jason Moi, Vincent Liew, Stephanie Teoh, and Timothy Nakayama 
Facilitators -
Jack Ying, Siew Li, Gerald Tan, Xin Wen, Mun Yee, Zoe Lo, James Kan, Rajveer Singh, Issac Ng, 
for the great support in making this workshop a success!

Siew Li
VP Public Relations of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

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