Tuesday, 24 June 2008

21st June 2008 - another great meeting

On the 21st, HELP UC Toastmasters Club had another momentous meeting. Not only were there 2 members beginning their toastmasters journey by giving their ice-breaker speeches, one of our current committee members was giving her 10th and final speech from the competent communicators manual. Furthermore, there were quite a number of visitors and a relatively good turnout for this meeting.

Preisdent Ernest giving his opening address. Amongst our visitors was his little sister cassandra: (spot the similarities)

Our club was also honoured with the presence of 3 members of the Midvalley Toastmasters Club as well as Ahmad from MIM Toastmasters Club who consented to be an evaluator as well as volunteer himself for the table topics session:

Midvalley Toastmasters:

On top of that, we proud to announce we have 2 more members who have begun their Toastmasters journey: Kevin and BK!

As mentioned earlier, we are proud to announce that one of our members, namely Miss Kan Foong Wen was completed her competent communicator manual. Although she lives a great distance away, she has not allowed distance or higher oil prices to decrease her growth as a Toastmaster. Good Job Foong Wen!

However, the speech of the day went to Jook Yew. His title in itself deserved a mention for its unique-ness "the long lost laughter of a not so common ATM machine"

In facet Jook Yew's speech was so good that it is included after the jump.

All in all, the meeting was great, HELP UC Toastmasters Club will continue to grow. Until next time everyone!


(VPPR come 1st July 2008)

Jook Yew's Speech:

Good morning everyone! My name is Jook Yew. Today, I'll be giving mysecond speech entitled, the long lost laughter of the not so common ATM machine. I know it does sound long.What does this not so common ATM machine sound like to you all? Does it sound like, A, a very hugesophisticated four legged machine? Or, B, a small convenient I-Podlike machine? (waiting for response from the audience)..All of youranswers are wrong!. Because the correct answer is C! this machine isactually my father. Technically he is an ATM machine because he is thesole supplier of all my necessities n luxury. What makes him not socommon? Simple! He is biologically programmed to love n nurture me!This reason is simply good enough.

What day was 6 days ago? Was it the regular where you wake up, play, eat and sleep? Or was it the Sunday where you do all your dull boring housework? I bet none of these is the answer because 2 days ago was a day where u should at least do something special 2 express your immense filial love towards your father. It was rather a meaningfuland ideal father's day which I would treasure in my Pandora box.

Today, I am about to share a few wonderful chronicles which happenedon this year's father's day with you all with the intention toencourage all of you to love your father deeper than you do right now.Last Sunday was rather simple but extremely meaningful. The spotlight of the day was neither the luxurious present which we bought for my father nor the few lovely kisses which we gave him on his fleshy cheek. It was actually the movie which we watched, Kung Fu Panda. I amas certain as the sun will set from the west that those of you whohave watched this movie already would agree with me that it is 1 ofthe most hilarious , entertaining and relaxing movies! I would like to convince those who have not watched this movie yet go grab a ticket n pamper yourself with a few hours of good laughter. The bottom line is,it is a 2 thumbs up movie.

While me and my family were watching the movie, there I was peepingsecretly on my father who was laughing non stop insanely like a 5 year old innocent kid while he is actually a 50 year old mature stallion.At the instant moment, I could actually feel the intense aura of him as a happy man as though he is an unleashed freeman already. Free from the grief of hiking oil prices, free from the grief of bills n debts about to be settled and free from the worries of his infinite endless tedious job. I personally the movie was a truly a miracle as though laughing bombs with power similar to an atomic bomb just fell off the sky, creating an atmosphere of wilderness! In the case of my father,it was rather therapeutic,purging off n diffusing his "stress poison". It has been so long. So long that I felt it was like 500 billionlight years ago since the last time he was indulging himself so much.The 50 minutes of queing up was definitely worthy in exchange of such enjoyable moment. I'm glad he was jubilant throughout the whole movie,throughout the whole day.

There are 2 great lessons which I have learnt and thought would befantastic if applied in real life. First, appreciate present time.Time is basically classified in 3 categories, past, present and future. The reason why the time right now is called present is because the time right now is like a wrapped up Christmas present filled with surprises and miracles. It all depends on how you unwrap it, enjoy it and appreciate it. That's why it is called Present. People, learn from the past, engage in the present and believe in the future. Last butnot least, the second lesson. LOVE. Love everything beside of you including your enemy who stole your lover or the teacher who cannedyou while u were so young and defenseless. Just like how I love mystrict, fierce, discipline Japanese- like father who consistently challenge me in such an annoying way such as "Hey son. U don't just talk the talk. When are u going to walk the walk and show me you'recapable of…BLA BLA BLA..which goes on forever n ever. People,appreciate n love!!! Thank you.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A marathon meetin'

31st May signaled the end of yet another month. The marathon meeting started pretty late at approximately 9.55am due to an unforseen circumstance.

The SAA of the day, Jook Yew, quickly took the stage and started the meeting, not forgetting to apologise to the guests for the delay. He proceeded to ask the audience to introduce themselves, and answer the question, 'What have you done to help the victims of Cyclone Nagris and the earthquake in China?'

Next up was the Presidential address, during which Ernest proudly announced to the guests of HELP TMC's achievement in receiving the President's Distinguished Club award for the 4th consecutive year.

It was then the Toastmaster of the Morning, Qin Mei's turn to take the stage. Perhaps in the spirit of the day of not doing things as usual, she quizzed the audience about the history of Toastmasters instead of telling it. Thank goodness the audience rose to the challenge and passed with flying colours!

First to take the stage was Denise, with her Icebreaker speech titled 'Away from Home'. She talked about her experiences away from home, first during a camp when she was 10 years old, then during her National Service stint when she was 18.

The second speaker, Kang Han, began his second assignment speech, titled 'Comic', with a joke, drawing laughter from the audience. He went on to give practical tips on how to be funny, and more importantly, he reminded the audience to remember to have fun when telling a joke.

The third speaker, Han Lian, also gave his second assignment speech, titled 'Caution'. He talked about being cautious in today's world, not only about how it is needed, but also about how it can bring disastrous results if practised to the extreme.

After that, the SAA called for a 10-minute break, after which was Qin Mei's turn to give her fifth assignment speech, titled 'Thank You'. She talked about her Toastmaster's journey thus far, and thank the people who left footprints in her life. She even gave the audience one souvenir each! (Thank you Qin Mei! :D)

Then it was something special again. TM Jasmine gave a very insightful speech from the Successful Club Series, where she gave tips on how to build the best climate for the club. She emphasised interaction with members and guests, the spirit of volunteering and a supportive environment, among others. Overall it was a very educational and insightful, and we are all grateful that she delivered it to our club.

Next up was the evaluation session. TM Jasmine, also the General Evaluator of the day, conducted the session. The first evaluator was TM John Lee, followed by TM Ernest, TM Satchit and last but not least, TM Gerard. Then the Grammarian, Jee Aik, Ah-counter, Book Keong, and Timekeeper, Kevin all gave their reports. During the evaluation session by Jasmine, she suggested that if another 'incident' like that morning's occur, we could perhaps conduct an impromtu Table Topics session. Good advice, indeed.

Lastly, it was Ernest's turn to give his closing address. He apologised profusely for that morning's delay, before moving on to present the Best Speaker and Best Evaluator awards. The Best Speaker award went to TM Han Lian, while TM John Lee took home the Best Evaluator award.

Also, he presented the Ice-Breaker Award to TM Denise, and a new member kit to TM Jaime. And as a token of appreciation, a small badge was given to TM Jasmine Leong for her support to this club.

Finally, the meeting adjourned at 12.00 noon. What an eventful day indeed! Before I forget, a big THANK YOU to all the guests who came: TM Jasmine, TM Gerard, TM Chia (all the way from Ipoh!), TM Satchit, Carmen, Cassandra (Ernest's sister), Bella, Keng Yik, Hong Yee and Chiraq.


Pui Yee.

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