Sunday, 16 November 2008

The accolades of Mr President

Once again, our trail-blazing president John Lee has done our club proud.

At the recent District 51 Evaluation Contest, he has beaten out many other distinguished competitors to emerge as the RUNNER UP

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the club or area or even division contest, John has gone INTERNATIONAL.

The level of his accolades raises the bar so high that it is only when he does not win that we are surprised.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give your respect and acclaimation to our president who will continue to set the standards for all associated with our club.

Congratulations John!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

The 1st of November

Some look forward to the first of every month for a variety of reasons, we at HELP UC Toastmasters Club are waiting on the first with anticipation because we have a Toastmasters meeting!

This week's meeting was made very special by the fact that one of our members has reached a milestone. Let us all put our hands together for our Treasurer, Miss Huang Qin Mei who has finished her Competent Communicator's Manual! Keep it up!

In attendance was none other than UEM Academy President Hadzrin who was also the Best Evaluator for the Day.

As mentioned, the next generation of our club was already stepping up, with the likes of Cassandra Wong coming to the fore.

Not to be left out, our exco also made their presence felt with the VPPR Jason Lim bagging the Best Assignment Speaker award for this meeting.

That's all for now folks, tune it next time for another edition of HELP UC Toastmaster's Club

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