Friday, 19 March 2010

Young Toastmasters Outing Trip

7th March 2010, Sunday.

On this fateful day, 12 toastmasters rendezvoused at KL Sentral McD at 0800. Each individual hail from different backgrounds. But one destination and purpose brought all of them together, they were set to conquer the legendary CRAB ISLAND. RAWRR~~

The Dudes.

The Ladies.

Throughout the whole journey. Our jolly (some epic) faces were captured by our trigger happy photographers.

Onboard the KTM, on the way to Pelabuhan Klang.

We made it clear that we came in peace.

Vincent and Charles exercising at the jetty.

Jason pointed at the sky.


We traveled to Pulau Ketam in a 5 star Cruiser.

Boarding the greenish-blue cruiser.

The boat ride was amazing! The wind in our hair, the sound of the crashing waves and the sun on our faces.~~ (PS: We saw dolphins too.)

We arrived at Pulau Ketam and cant wait to sink our teeth into some Ketam FOOD.

I want FOOD!

Cassy won the all-you-can-eat crab-eating contest.
Jaime was amazed.

Cassy took the prize money and subsidized our meal. Our 7-course meal was only RM 200!! WOW! For 12 pax?! Seriously! Now that's what I call a bargain.

We had Fried Ice Cream.

We formed our own BIKERS GANG!

Walking around Ketam Town.

Visiting Temples.

Visiting Police Station.

Group Pic 2!

Crab Island isn't the biggest of places. But the food was really good. :D And you can have fun anywhere with good company.

Group Pic 3!

Let's go again next month! XD

Over and out.

De Ren.

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