Thursday, 24 February 2011

TLI + Installation Dinner (19/02/2011)

Aloha Toasties,

This week we started our trip to TLI2 with a mini meeting at Mc Donald's/ Subway at PBD.

We headed to Wisma IJM about noon and arrived there on time, whew!!!( knowing our bad timing)

As the new board, we received diversified advice from members of other clubs and areas in the division.

SURPRISE: In the middle of the event, the TOM announced that someone's car had a tree branch on it and it was Vincent's car!!!! Luckily the branch did not crush his car but still cause an obvious dent on his car roof top. Haiz, so sorry Vincent!!!!

Later we headed to our installation dinner with the area secretary as our installer.

Everyone gave positive response to the dinner and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Besides witnessing the installation of the new exco. We also witnessed members AMOS and ROSE(you know who you are) "discussing" about IPhone apps, they were so into it that a glass broke!!!

Next week on HELP UC Toastmasters
The pressure is on as we are having our club contest
our members rock the contest....

You know you love me,

2 Week Countdown to Club Contest (12/02/2011)

Hello toasties.

Today's toastmasters meeting was full of surprises, one of them was Mr. Daniel Teh visiting our club. He was coaching one of the members from the 6 months old Monash Toastmasters Club.

Have you heard the saying,

If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we'd all be millionaires.

Well in today's meeting, we witnessed it!!!!!

Congrats to Mun Yee for winning our best table topics of the day. Good luck at the contests!!!!!

The sound advice given by Daniel popped the beautiful bubble that has been surrounding the club members and made us realize that what we are doing is far from enough.

Next week on Help UC Toastmasters,
The exco goes for TLI 2
the long awaited installation dinner is at The Curve!!!

You know you love me,

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Upcoming Events !!!!!!!!

So the contest season is on and the following contests are ones your can go to witness

Money& You- 21st Feb 2011(pm)
HELP - 26th Feb 2011(am)
Area G2- 1st March 2011(pm)
Area G3- 12th March 2011(am)

If you have info for other contests, update me and I will post it up.

HUC Toasties, our upcoming events are

19th Feb 2011- Installation dinner
26th Feb 2011- club contest
12th Mar 2011- area contest

Friday, 11 February 2011

Invasion and departure (CNY period)

These new members are really serious about being a toastmaster!!!!! Many of them have already paid the fees, some of them are even prepared to contest!!!! Seasoned members, prepare for the invasion of the century.

So who's leaving us? I believe is the Q of the week.

Answer:.........Qin Mei

Yes, I have just confirmed with Qin Mei that she is gonna be leaving for Australia on 12th of Feb

We had a farewell dinner with her on the 10th of Feb at Mcdonald's Uptown. We talked, joked and reminisced about our time in toastmasters and how different were our paths leading us.

I remember Qin Mei as the senior member in HELP Toastmasters when I first joined last year. She is a good friend, great mentor and amazing presenter. I hope she does well in whatever she wants to in the future and keep in touch with us old friends.

Next week on HELP UC toastmasters...............

Members sign up and prep for the club contest
an old friend visits to give sound advice

You know you love me,

Chinese new year, new spirit, new members (29/1/2011)

Chinese NEW Year

GONG XI FA CAI everyone, hope you all have a prosperous and happy new year.

NEW spirit

The A-levels people who have been gone for the past month due to exams are back. Each of them carrying a new spirit in rejoining the club's activities making the energy level higher then it has ever been.

Everyone had fun mingling and rekindling old friendships. The SAA had to call the meeting to order thrice before everyone settled down.

AND we have a big improvement in our timing as we started the meeting on time!

The new EXCO are very determined to get all the 10 DCP's hence they held an exco meeting right after the club meeting to discuss strategies.

NEW members

HELP UC Toasties were surprised when many potential new members visited the club and were impressed with their table topic presentations

This is Mirabel, potential new member and best table topic speaker of the day

The talent shown by these potential members gives us hope to have another Division champion from our club. Bravo people!!!!!

Next week, on HELP UC Toastmasters............

Someone is leaving
Some people are coming

You know you love me,

Meeting The Taylor Toasties (22/1/2011)

So we made our way to Taylors Lakeside Campus on this bright and sunny day...........OK, I know its cliched but it really was.

Our IPP, Jaime chilling out before the meeting commenced. Say cheese!!!!!!!

So you won something this time around Vincent, great job Mr. President!!(at keeping your face straight)-joke inserted

Quite a turn out for a meeting huh? Hope to see you all next time again. It was nice meeting new people, although some are not that new......ahem....ahem......another joke

As the quote goes, A picture speaks a thousand words. We had three, so its three thousand?

Next week on HELP UC Toastmasters......

The A-levels people are back and they are ready to make some noise
New potential members joining us, some of them have the WOW factor

You know you love me,

The Sunrise: 1st Toastmaster Meeting of Year 2011 (15/1/2011)

HAIZ, our DRAMA KING, Jason won our Best Evaluator again!!!!! Congrats anyways!!!!

So who actually won the award? Definitely not the one holding it. Sorry Vincent, that was a joke.

Hi fellow toasties, this new year started with a BANG and its all because of your presence at our meeting. Hope to see you at the next meeting and all the ones that follow.

Next week on HELP UC Toastmasters.............

We HELP UC toasties become guests at Taylors Toastmasters,
Wanna know how we faired? Check us out, next week!!

You know you love me,

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