Sunday, 26 July 2009

Intercollege Joint Marathon Meeting 2009 report

It is the first time ever that HELP TMC organized the Intercollege Joint Meeting 2009; and with other 4 institutes including HICT Toastmasters Club, University Malaya Toastmasters Club, Nilai UC Toastmasters Club, and Unitar Toastmasters Club, the meeting went on smoothly and successfully; though Stamford College Toastmasters Club couldn't make it as this week is their exam week.

Themed 'Unity Through Mission', we started at 9.36am once all of the invited clubs members and guests arrived. SAA of the meeting; Jee Aik, CC (also the organising chair) gave the first welcoming speech and began the meeting.

Later, President Qinmei, CC, CL gave her presidential address which touches on the themes 'Unity through Mission' and the main objectives of the meeting as to bond with one another in order to reach for the higher goals in Toastmasters journey and life.

It is then Toastmasters of the Morning (TOM) Hui Shan, CC from Unitar Toastmasters Club took over the stage by telling of the brief Toastmasters history, introducing role players, and requesting the Word of the Day from our Language Evaluator (or LE/Grammarian), Jason Moi. The word of the Day was 'synergize'; and the definition is 'to produce greater outcome by working together in groups than working alone'. In line with our theme, the example given to the word is 'One club can energize the meeting but more than one can synergize the meeting!'.

As today's joint meeting is a marathon meeting, we started of with the assignment speeches; skipping the usual TableTopic sessions. Firstly, we have Fun Mun Wah, TM from UM Toastmasters Club gaving his 6th speech based on a love story of 'Jacob and Rachel'. Unlike typical ending 'happily ever after', Mun Wah, Jacob and Rachel left us to wonder what their ending would be after the dissaproval from Rachel's parents. Only time knows. Mun Wah was evaluated from Jeremy, CC from Nilai Toastmasters Club based on the objectives of the 6th project speech.

Secondly, Mike, TM from HICT Toastmasters Club enlightened to our moral values when he re-defined the term 'Homeless'; by refering it to the golden citizens in our society. Based on his 7th Speech objectives, he told us his own experiences and feelings when he visited old folks homes and orphanages. At the end of his speech, he strongly asked us to appreciate our grandparents, parents, and anyone around us who are close and dear as we may not know what will happen tomorrow. Lukreiza, CC from Unitar Toastmasters Club gave her evaluation by the ancronym of M-I-K-E on building and preparing for better speeches in the future.

Next, Michael, TM persuaded us with his thoughts and opinions as he talked on 'The Solution to Our Language Problem"; the currently highly debated questions nationwide. He strongly believed that through refering to the older days; we could reshape our education systems better as it can promote the national integration, social mobility, and more. Victor, CC from HICT Toastmasters Club gave his constuctive comments and credits to Michael while stressing on the purpose of 9th speech project.

Jee Aik, CC called for a break for refeshment and fellowship before continuing with marathon speeches. We enjoyed ourselves when we fully used up 15 minutes (actually, more than 15 minutes) to exchange thoughts and to get to know more about one another's clubs.

After the break, Hui Shan, CC gave her 2nd Advanced Speech by telling her 'Transportation Blunders'. She shared with us her funny 'bad luck day' experience when she was having troubles with the taxi drivers and buses in desperation of going to her workplace. She ended up her story with a line from her boss as 'If you can't get a cab, get a car!'. Gregory Sim, ACB, CL from Nilai Toastmasters Club was her evaluator for her speech.

And last but not least, we have Jeremy, CC to end our marathon speech session when he presented the "Toastmaster of the Year Award" to Gregory, ACB, CL with a 'pink throphy' (it was actually; a pink color bottle). Jason Lim, CC then evaluated his speech while adding and sharing his own opinions and ideas on improvements for Jeremy, CC.

After that, General Evaluator (GE) Ernest Wong, ACB, ALB called for evaluations for the assignment speakers and an open evaluation was given to the audiences. Later, the role players of the meeting; Language Evaluator (LE) Jason Moi, Ah-Counter (AC) Shireen, Timekeeper (TK) Nyuk Jet, and GE Ernest gave their reports accordingly.

As to express our gratitude to Nilai UC Toastmasters Club, HICT Toastmasters Club, Unitar Toastmasters Club and University Malaya Toastmasters Club, we gave them each a banner of inspirational quotes.

And the moment we've been waiting for: Qinmei, CC,CL then presented the certificates for Best Speaker Award to Jeremy,CC and Best Evaluator to Jason Lim,CC respectively. The meetings adjourned at 11.45am before we have the group photo session.

At here, we sincerely thank the clubs and guests who have made their way all from places to make this meeting a successful one. We are looking forward to make this intercollege joint meeting an annual event in the future.

Report done by,
Jaime, TM

Monday, 20 July 2009

Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2009 is back!

The most anticipated club event of the year; Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest is back in August 2009!

Be ready to get a good laugh and a handful of information on what our contestants are going to speak out clear and loud on 1st August 2009. Looking forward to see you guys in at DSA-Fifth Floor, Wisma HELP by 10am.

For ticket reservations, do not hesistate to call up John 012-289 8295, Gajendran 012-384 1911, Jason Lim 017-612 2663, or Jaime Liew 012-972 1290.

Mail us anything to or find us in facebook group account or check us out in theChatCubicle!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Installation Dinner for HELP UC Toastmasters Club 2009/2010

John, our IPP helped out with opening the champagne; Qinmei; our New President was giving toasts to our newly elected exco-members and journeys ahead in the club!

Qinmei was giving her first presidential speech!From left: Faiq (SAA), Jack Ying (Treasurer), Denise Tan (Secretary), Jaime (VPPR), Cassandra Wong (VPM), Jee Aik (VPE), Qinmei (President); and last but not least; our Area W3 Governor, Chia Hur!

Thanks a million for our guests for making our installation dinner a wonderful one!
Let's make the new exco members for 2009/10 the best exco in HELP UC Toastmasters Club ever!

Intercollege Joint Marathon Meeting 2009


For the first time ever, our club is proud to gather various universities and colleges' clubs in a joint marathon meeting! The joining forces include:

1. HELP UC Toastmasters Club
2. HICT Toastmasters Club
3. University Malaya Toastmasters Club
4. UNITAR Toastmasters Club
5. Stamford UC Toastmasters Club
6. NILAI UC Toastmasters Club

With 6 superb speeches and 6 exceptional evaluators from 6 cool clubs; you cannot miss out these fresh, vibrant and unbelievable zest in this upcoming intercollege joint meeting:

You may delay, but time will not. ~Benjamin Franklin

So, what are you waiting for?

Date: 25th July 2009 (Saturday)
Vcnue: Wisma DSA, HELP University College
Time: 9.30am-12.30pm

Confirm your attendance and rectify your doubts with:

President Huang Qinmei - 017 286 0933 -
VPE Tan Jee Aik - 016 313 2761 -
VPM Cassandra Wong - 012 313 4117 -
VPPR Jaime Liew - 012 972 1290 -

Or find us in theChatCubicle!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Upcoming Event that Must Not Be Missed! By Division W, District 51 (Hosted by AIA 8 Habit Toastmasters Club)

Upcoming Event that Must Not Be Missed! By Division W, District 51 (Hosted by AIA 8 Habit Toastmasters Club)


Listening –Communication’s NEGLECTED half! By Papa Gerald Green, DTM Accredited Speaker and Applying Skills Learned in Toastmasters in Our Real Life! by PDG R Sivanganam, DTM

For Ticket Reservation please refer to the Division W Blog.
Group Package (Buy 6 for RM200; before 20/June/09) and Normal Price RM40

When, Where?

Date: 18th July 2009

Time: 1.30pm

Venue: AIA 8-Habit, Level 6 (Gen X), Menara AIA, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Firstly, we have the:
Speech Title: Listening –Communication’s NEGLECTED half!

SPEAKER: Gerald Green, DTM; the founding father of our District 51 and District 51 Territorial Chairman (1990-92) and the only ACCREDITED SPEAKER outside USA and Canada are sharing his knowledge with the speech title of Listening –Communication’s NEGLECTED Half. The speech will be covering about the factors such as low morale, loss of dollars and strained relationships are just a few of the costs of ineffective listening.

In his bestselling autobiography; IOCOCCA' Lee Iococca stressed the importance of listening saying “I only wish I could find an institute that teaches people how to listen. A manager needs to listen as much as he needs to talk".

In this presentation, Gerald shares reasons why we are poor listeners and tips how to be better listeners!

and also:

Speech Title: Making a Difference at the Workplace:The Toastmasters Way

Applying Skills Learned in Toastmasters in Our Real Life

SPEAKER:PDG R Sivanganam, DTM District Governor 2006-2007(District 51) has joined Toastmasters in 1998 and have served the various leadership positions at the Club and at the District level. Under his leadership District 51 achieved the President's Distinguished Status, a recognition accorded to the top 6 in the world for achieving the District's goal.

In 2008, Toastmasters International awarded with its highest award, the Presidential Citation, for his alturism and service to the members. Currently, Siva works as a Director for an MNC and attributes his success to Toastmasters.

will cover the following topics on the Difference between Leaders and Managers; and how the skills acquired at the club meetings can be effective used at the workplace for resolving conflicts, productive meetings, presentation and effective communication skills. "

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Installation Dinner of HELP University College Toastmasters Club

Dear fellow Toastmasters,

You all are invited to our Installation Dinner of HELP University College Toastmasters Club. Details of it as follows.

Date: 11 July 2009
Time: 7pm
Venue: Royal Commonwealth Society
No. 4 Jalan Birah,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Cost: RM35

It is near Jalan Batai, near Main Block of HELP University College. If you can get to the college, then getting to Royal Commonwealth Society should not be too hard as it is near to the college.

I would appreciate a response on the attendance and the number of people coming and I look forward to your reply.

Jee Aik
016-3032 761

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Blog Update for 20th June Meeting

Today’s meeting was special as there were 3 speakers who were not only giving their 10th project of Competent Communication Manual but they were also having their very last meeting at HELP UC. Besides these 3 we had Jeremy from NUC Toastmasters Club giving his advanced speech.

The long time disappeared member Jack Oh had returned to deliver his speech, entitled “Corruption.” He explained about the different corruption techniques employed such as “Frog” and corruption through sex, by indecent people. He then pointed out that when we ask for bribe from the police, we ourselves also are being corrupted, which is a very wise moral wisdom. A Chinese proverb says (according to Jack Oh), “1 hand clap produces no sound, but 2 hands clap produces sound,” which means you need to work hand in hand for bribery to work, so don’t request for bribe to stop corruption. Don’t abuse power, don’t abuse money, and that will rid of corruption, concluded Jack.

Next, also a long disappeared member, Jo Anne, gave her speech called “Blood Donation.” She told about her experience relating to blood. One was she witnessed a car accident which involved someone’s head badly injured. Another was an experience where the doctor told her to calm her down as he was about to insert the needle onto her arm. We need it one day, so we should donate our blood. Furthermore, blood cannot be manufactured, one of her closing remarks.

The third speaker is Pui Yee with her speech entitled “Be Your Hero.” She began by describing herself as shy and quiet. She was afraid of many things like trying new things (e.g., food), cockroaches, and expectations. As a result, she did not trust herself and perceived no one trusted her, so she yearned to be someone else. This feeling of lack of trust by others and to herself led her to strong interest in certain values found in shows like Power Rangers and Pokemon, writing stories about herself as a hero, and also joining Toastmasters Club to become a hero and save the day. In closing, people are heroes because they fight for what they believe and they take control of their lives. “I will be a hero and I will save the day!” one of her final remarks.

Last, we had Jeremy from NUC Toastmasters Club who talked about “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” He began with a story with his girlfriend who asked him if the pink handbag (I think) or blue is better. Blue he suggested but it was a wrong choice by him which he found out later. This is due to different communication style adopted by men and women; men are direct, women are indirect. So when a girl says she has no problems, sit with her, advised Jeremy, because she may mean something else.

The meeting ended with evaluation session and prize giving ceremony:

Pui Yee got best assignment speaker award (or became the hero of today's meeting)!=D

Pui Yee got best assignment speaker award (or became the hero of today’s meeting), while Ernest got the best evaluator award. It also marked the end of Jack Oh, Jo Anne, and Pui Yee’s Toastmasters journey at HELP University College. Overall, it was a unique meeting with only 4 speakers for a marathon meeting.

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