Sunday, 7 February 2016

Chinese New Year Themed Meeting @ Ali Maju Cafe!

The meeting on the 6th of January was a special one as it was held in Ali Maju Cafe.

The meeting started of with a Presidential opening address by Vincent Sar.

" Yesterday we was struck by the Department of Student Affair with this shocking news that our venue is not available. One day before our meeting? That's why I love DSA. At that moment, we are faced with two choices, to find another venue, and to just cancel the meeting. The latter is always the easier thing to do, but we decided to do the former because it is the right thing to do. After many calls of rejection, Simon found the goldmine. He called the Chairman of Ali Maju - and thankfully he allowed us to use the place. It was the harder thing to do, but the right thing to do."

Presidential Address

Then, it was followed by the introduction of guest and members as well as the role players.

A table topics marathon session was held to further mark the special occasion.

The table topics speakers were evaluated by Patricia Yap and Vincent Sar.

Patricia Yap, giving her very enthusiastic evaluation.
After the break, Ahmad Fat'hi gave us an interesting speech titled Skylar for his CC 10th speech. He was evaluated by Gerard Peter.

"It's not your fault. Only when you let go of yourself from the mistake, that you can truly learn from it, and progress from it. "

Gerard Peter, ACS, CL evaluating Ahmad

The role players then gave their reports.

Chia Chun on his Ah Counter's  Report

Timer's Report by Cho Suyeon

A report was given by the General Evaluator - Ismail Omar, DTM

To end the event, presentation of awards was held.

Finally, the customary group picture was taken.

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