Saturday, 26 March 2016

Alien Themed Meeting : 26th March 2016

The meeting commenced with the opening address by Vice President of Membership, Abigail Gan.

We then proceed to the Toastmaster of the Morning, Simon Peter. With his charming charisma and seductive wig, He kicked things off by allowing the introduction of members and guests. The questions of the day were what Toastmasters mean to them and what aliens mean to them.
Simon, TMotM
Adding to the flow of things, humour master Bryan Wong stepped up and discussed different generations of music and how the old and new generations vary in terms of beats and culture, Assuming it was intentional, the silent phones law was broken as his phone disrupted his speech and using his quick wit, uses his alarm tone to his advantage by smoothly relating it to his speech.
Keeping up the tempo of the meeting,  Bryan Wong again rose to the occasion as table topics master and prepared several interesting topics regarding aliens and the supernatural.

Firstly, we have Samuel talking about how having an alien girlfriend can be pretty cool as he gets a lot of benefits (not that kind of benefits, you filthy minded person).

Next up, Jo Peng was given a dilemma between Batman and Superman, having to decide who would win in a battle. (Really, she could've just watched the movie to find out). However , ultimately she sided with the rich and resourceful Batman, it's safe to say that this topic is very debatable and some members weren't exactly on board with her views.

Enthusiastic guest Dhanvi went up to share how he had to listen to his father talking about many different conspiracies of the existence of aliens.
Joshua came up and had a short sharing session of his story with humour.

Joshua, attracting interest in his stories

Everyone seems to be interested in the table topics

 Logan came up and shared the best superpower is being to materialise any ideas that we have and the ultimate weakness is that when we don't believe ourselves. (Which in truth seemed it can be both a superpower and a valuable lesson)


Veteran Paul Tan showed his prowess and spoke about becoming an alien. If he were to be an alien, he would be a positive and highly encouraging alien.

Finally, fellow toastmaster Chia-Chun spoke about his favourite superhero, Batman ( GO TEAM BATMAN!!!!), and how he would have crushed superman if he wanted to.

With table topics speaking concluded, Table Topics Evaluator, Belinda, gave her thorough report on the speakers, encouraging them to speak more and giving them constructive feedback.

Before the meeting pauses for a break, the induction of the New Exco initiated by the Area Director J1, Gerald Peter, The previous exco team was discharged, and the new exco team rise up. The tiny gavel definitely made it hard for the new exco team to keep a straight face.

There I am again on the right! 

Treasurer John Choo wielding the almighty tiny gavel

The president then gave his speech and his appreciation for his new exco team.

After a brief break, the meeting continued with the prepared speeches.

Guests and members socialising during the break
Toastmaster of the morning , Simon Peter posing for a photo while Joshua intentionally includes himself in the picture.

Firstly, we have Abigail Gan with her first CC, "Me". She talked about how her early life she was sheltered from the world and how that affected her life as she was growing up.

Then, we have Mahathir from MII TMC with his speech "What are the Chances", talking about the steps to getting your crush or in his words, 'victim'.

Finally, we have John Choo with his CC #5, "In The Minds of Angelic Furballs". He elaborates on the psychology of dogs and how dogs have unique relationships with human beings.

The evaluators of the speakers were then called upon to give their reports, giving encouraging comments and constructive feedback to help speakers improve.

After the evaluations, the technical reports were given by the Ah counter, grammarian and timer.

The general evaluator then gave her report on her thoughts of the meeting.

After, the presentation of awards commenced.
Best table topics speaker: Chia-Chun, (there is something alluring about that wig)

Best speech: Mahathir, (the wig continues to make its appearance)

The meeting then concluded with a presidential closing address.

Everyone is all smiles after the meeting.

Monday, 21 March 2016

HELP Themed Meeting: 19th March 2016

The meeting started off by the Toastmaster of the morning, Dheeno Rao. He then asked toastmasters and guests to introduce themselves and to tell everyone when was the last time they had helped or received help. ( Seeing as the theme is HELP, it's really self-explanatory why).

After that, the president of the club, Vincent Sar, gave a speech "Humour Master", where he was talking about how Asian parents do not react conventionally when being told 'I love you'.

Vincent giving his speech.
Next up, table topics master Chrishelyn calls upon guests and members to participate.

Joshua giving his opinion on organ donations

Brenda with her insights about endangered species

 After a brief break, the meeting continued on with prepared speeches.

The chilled conversations during breaks.

First up, we have Chia Chun with the speech "Being Alive". Chia Chun came up and spoke about his family that is very strict and emphasised on results more than anything. He also mentioned of his adorable story with his Chicken Little toy.

We then have Jane, sharing her experience in drowning, and then linking it to our everyday life - do we need water to drown? Implying that life can be thought of as an ocean that we constantly swim in.

Next up, Edward Boey shared his personal story on how he faced his fears, persuading us to share our speech and telling us that we have a choice of letting fear consume us, or overcoming fear.

Lastly, Bryan Wong came up and did his advanced speech, which he explained the interesting phenomenal of mind. Deja Vu, is more of a developmental mind phenomena. He then shared a lot on the miracles of mind, and a lot of interesting examples of the power of  the brain despite the failing senses. Presque Vu, is more  on how you want to recall something but you can't recall it, because the brain is bombarded with other things.

Acting General Evaluator, John Choo rose to the occasion and led the general evaluation.
GE giving his evaluation while Dheeno stares into your soul.

The evaluators for the speeches then gave their reports that are all helpful and insightful.

After the evaluations, the role players then give their technical reports.

Ah Counter, Abby
Hey, that's me! (Grammarian)
Mahathir from MII TMC (Timer)
The meeting then concluded award presentations.

The result of going back to shaking hands just to get a photo

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Let It Go on 27 December

New executive members were elected before the meeting and they are as follow:

President: Vincent Sar
Vice-President of Education: John Ng
Vice-President of Membership: Abby
Vice-President of Public Relation: Simon
Secretary: Chiun Jie
Treasurer: Jonathan Choo
Sargent and Arms: Tory Yew

Tory then started off the meeting and Vincent then gave a short speech regarding the new members of the executive team.

Role players are then introduced followed by each members and fellow guests. A sharing session on their ways to relieve stress were held during the brief introduction. A colorful of ways were heard in the introduction, ranging from the therapeutic method of sleeping to playing violent video games as a form of destressing.

Jane then gave an invocation speech where she talked on fear. She opened up about her journey in public speaking. From that shy introvert to person whose goal is to make a difference and be a better self, she certainly did make a difference as shown through her charming charisma.

Fatemah came up to share about her regrets regarding her time. She stated how she regretted not taking the most of her time and wished she had done better. She knows she should have done better to fulfill her day.

Fatemah on her sharing.

Brenda spoke on her determination in winning the film festival.

Simon spoke about anxiety and guilt that made with regards of letting go.

A personal story was shared by Chai Ying that allow us to relate to her past. She shared her fear for her internship and her strong determination to progress.

Marlena then came up with her life lesson on ego. She stated that we fail because we are only humans.

Beng from KPMG Toastmasters Club gave a really detailed evaluation on each of the speaker.

Weng Kin, our new member shared his passion about Math as his prepared speech. He then spoke about his hobbies. His love for the versatility and the multiple approaches of Math shines through him as he spoke.

The next prepared speech was given by Johnny. Johnny spoke on the rejection he received for wanting a dog. His take home message was that life is too short to not do what he wants.

Simon was next to give a speech. He spoke on his realization on how receiving the red packet during Chinese New Year is not about the money but it is the love and celebration with family that counts.

Edward then gave a speech on act of kindness. He gave a funny demonstration with the help of a sad looking Ahmad and a Kit Kat. His message was that a random act of kindness which comes in different forms tend to lead to a domino effect.

General evaluator, Mark, came up and lead the general evaluation. He was a really encouraging CC.

Our evaluator, Stanley, CC from MII Toastmasters Club gave a detailed and encouraging evaluation.
Dheeno was next and gave a lot of encouragement to John, complimenting on his strength to deliver his story.

Ahmad, as usual, came on stage and gave a funny evaluation, which does add value to Simon’s.
Mark mentioned an important point on how we shouldn’t use “but” as it was as if they have taken the person to cloud nine then pulled it back down to “grave nine”.
Lena, came up and gave a  strong evaluation on detailed evaluation of the use of time. She stated that a good speech should challenge our thinking and a strong call for action.

Next up, technical evaluation.

Fatemah on her Ah Counter report
Chia Chun in his Timer report.
Abby on her Grammarian report

Finally, Mark gave us a thorough evaluation for the club and the meeting was adjourned.

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