Monday, 25 January 2016

A promotion was held previously in various locations to promote HELP University Toastmaster Club which help in spreading the news of the meeting.

The meeting started at 9:45 a.m. with a great turnouts by both members and guests.

A brief history of HELP University Toastmaster Club was shared by Vincent Sar. Under the leadership of Colonel Goh, the club was doing well for the first 10 years. With the challenges faced along the way, members of the club strive to perform their best to overcome those challenges. 

Gerard Peter, who is our J1 area director, gave a personal and insightful history of his journey in Toastmaster. To motivate and encourage members as well as guest in joining and participating in the meeting, he spoke about his fear as a speaker. He was easily tongue-tied when it comes to speaking. He stood on the outside of the room when he went to his first meeting but was afraid to enter the room when he heard claps coming from the meeting. Therefore, he went back home. With encouragement, he soon develops his speaking skill and speaks smoothly now. Through his life changing experience, his personal history shows that he is a man of sheer determination.

Role players were then being introduced. Grammarian is role played by Farah from IICS, Ah Counter by Ryan Poh, Timer by Chiun Jie. Ricky Soo role played as our General Evaluator.

Kim Thien Chun, who was our Table Topic Master of the morning, came up with interesting topics. 
Kim Thien Chun.

The first speaker, Jonathan, was asked how does he coped with the death of close relatives. A take home message from Jonathan was that we should cherished them as death is a process where people move on.
Ahmad, who was the next speaker, brings joy into the meeting with his jokes. Followed by Jared, he shared his personal moments of losing his father which he then urged us to appreciate our parents as well.
Joshua Ooi spoke on his philosophy in life. Justin Chan came up next with an argumentative speech on the balance of work life which he stated that he does not want to work on weekend to have more freedom in his time.
Justin on his argumentative speech.

 Stress management was shared by Chia Chun to which he shared that he manages his stress by eating candy and so forth. The last speaker was Abby. Her topic was ‘weekend is a time made up by lazy people’ to which she had disagree as she thinks that weekend is the time for relaxation after a long and stressful week.

A strong evaluation was given by Gerard Peter. He was supportive towards each speaker by complimenting them as well as pointing out the speakers’ point of improvements.

Out first prepared speech was given by Johnny, who is our new member. He engaged with the audience throughout his personal ice breaking speech. He shared about his challenges in life where he has a close relative that suffers from epilepsy. Through his studies in Psychology, he hopes to give back to the community of sort.
Johnny giving his speech.

Vincent Sar who was next in the prepared speech session uses the analogy of a paper to relate to our lives. He illustrated our characters with the words that were told by ourselves as written on paper.

The final speaker, Ahmad shared about star wars and star trek in his speech. For all our avid science fantasy fans, it will be a wonderful sharing about how it is improbably to have 2 suns in a single solar system. He then relates it back to us where he questioned us if we would want our dream to stay as fiction, or have it, become a truth?
Ahmad on his sharing.

Our General Evaluator, Ricky Soo led the evaluation session later on.
Johnathan evaluated Johnny with constructive comments and compliments on his use of body language and composure.

Winne Wong was next to evaluate Vincent. She uses the analogy of nasi lemak to suggest technical points to him and compliments him on his strength of his speech at the same time.
Winnie Wong from Inti College Subang.

Lee Chengrui then evaluated Ahmad. Ahmad was complimented on his use of visual aid and was given points of improvements as well.
Lee Chengrui from Elite Toastmaster Club.

Technical evaluation was started with a report by the Ah Counter, Ryan Poh. A detailed and accurate language evaluation was given by Farah as everyone listened in awe. Timer report was given at the end by Chiun Jie.

An overall evaluation was given by Ricky Soo. An encouraging evaluation was given by him with points of improvements.

Feedback was given by a Korean tourist who shared his experiences in Toastmaster back in Korea.

Congratulations to Abby on being the best table topic speaker.

Lee Chengrui as the Best Evaluator

Vincent Sar as the Best Speaker.

The meeting ended with a group picture.

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