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World Champions! (7th May 2014)

'World Champions' Meeting

On a bright beautiful Saturday morning on 7th of May, at approximately 9am, the crowds gathered in Wisma ELM's Level 1 yet again to witness another fun- filled and enlightening HELP University's Toastmasters meeting.

After the meeting was caled to order by our Sergeant-at-arms (SAA) of the day, Ahmad, the crowd was invoked by an opening acting presidential speech by the club's immediate past, past, past, past president, Bryan Wong, CC, CL who spoke about perseverance to succeed and, as many already know, great glory does not come easy.
SAA for the day, Ahmad

Bryan giving his opening acting president's speech

Proceeding this, the usual introduction of guests and role player's roles by the Toastmaster of the day, Ahmad were done alongside every audience member breaking the ice by answering the question of the day set by him "Would achieving success require more intellect or social skills?"
Punching the air to pump up the environment!

Then the table topics session commences with Jo Ping asking really, really deep questions that got every volunteer thinking. Kudos to her for volunteering herself for the role for the first time, a very bold step for someone who is early in her Toastmasters' journey.
Mas Mahathir from MII Toastmasters club looking on at Jo Ping strut her stuff

Afterwards, the prepared speeches session consisted of Chia Chun, Dheeno and Victor Ong, who is from KL Advanced club, who gave CC2 and CC6 speech projects. Chia Chun shared his insights on computer virus softwares and how to avoid them, Dheeno gave an uplifting motivational speech on making right decisions and Victor on disallowing our inner demons to catch up with us!


Nearing the end we have our usual and unique, evaluation session. Bryan gave his remarks to Chia Chun on improving speech body, structure and flow to allow easier comprehension and retention by audience. Victor applauded Dheeno on his well performed speech, and Jian Hao, from University Malaya Toastmaster's Club who acknowledged Victor's long experience in Toastmasters and also some improvements to further add on to his speaking skills.

To conclude the day, awards were given to the best table topic speaker; Jian Hao,and best prepared speech speaker and evaluator prizes both went to Victor Ong! Before everyone parted ways, there was socializing all over and everybody got to know each other and make new friends who surely will be so till the distant future, while also enjoying the sweet Milo drinks prepared by the club. It was a great morning spent with each other.

Thank you for reading this and we hope to see you again in our next meeting on the 14th of May at 9am!
Lovely people <3 br="">

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