Sunday, 30 September 2012

9th Anniversary Charter Celebration!!

Come join us on the 6th of October 2012 at HELP DSA -mainblock to celebrate our 9th anniversary since the day HELP University Toastmasters Club was born :)

It's a joyous occasion as this meeting coincide with the exact Charter date - 6th of October 2003.
Lets all come together to cherish and appreciate the contributions made by the leaders who made this club all the way to the President Distinguished Club :)

There will be POT LUCK -  lunch session after the meeting, hence we would love all of you to bring some food/drinks/snacks to contribute to fill the empty stomach :)

To avoid bringing the same food, kindly log onto our facebook event page to discuss, what you're bringing :)

Also, like our facebook page! 

It is going to be one memorable meeting! :)

HINT : Special Performance on that day! Be sure not to miss it!! 

Siew Li
VPPR of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Upcoming events : Joint Meeting with Taylor's University Toastmasters Club


We're having a joint meeting with Taylor's University Toastmasters Club next week!
Details as follows :

Date : 29th September 2012
Time : 9.30am till 12noon
Venue : Taylor's University Lakeside Campus - LT 11 (tentative venue)

It's the mutual learning environment that gives us the motivation to strive and opt for better improvements in life. It is therefore vital that each members do their best to join us for the joint meeting as we can widen our social network as well as to gain different views on other club meetings :)

If you require transportation, do contact us at 012-2686303 (Siew Li) or 012 2601993 (Bryan)


Siew Li
VP Public Relations of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

Thursday, 13 September 2012



We're back with day 2! More courageous and enthusiastic speakers will take the stage and mesmerize the crowd, with their hidden talent - the great speaking skills :)

The 2nd day workshop started off with a table topic session, conducted by VPPR, Siew Li and evaluated by IPP, Jason Moi ACS, CL.
All participants were given a chance to do the table topics this morning! The order was set by the musical chair game, similarly, passing on "chicken little" while the music plays, until it stops! the person holding "chicken little" will have to to the table topics :) don't worry, the sky isn't falling yet!

Our 3rd speaker, IPP Jason Moi ACS, CL, then took the stage to share with us one important element in a speech - THE VOCAL VARIETY - which also gives more impact to a speech :)

Then, Stephanie Teoh,CC, CL, an experienced toastmasters all the way from Taylor's University Toastmasters Club, gave us some tips on evaluation. As the saying goes, evaluation is the breakfast for all champions. Therefore, it is vital that we learn to evaluate, by doing so, we would be more certain on how to improve our speech as well as not to repeat the same mistake all over again :)

She first warmed us up by dancing to Macarena after the heavy lunch :P

Our last speaker came all the way from MidValley Toastmasters Club, Timothy Nakayama, ACB shared with us how to work with words. Simple yet understandable usage of words, as well as usage of triads :)

Participants were then given 40 minutes to prepare their final speech for this workshop. They were to deliver a speech revolving - " how to say it " for 3-5 minutes :)
Wei Wei
Vincent Khoo                                                     Gabriel Mak
Pui Shan                                             Edward Boey
Rachel Saw                                                       Poh Kim
Silas Liew                                                    Li Peng

The participants were evaluated by a team of seasoned evaluators namely, Timothy Nakayama, Rajveer Singh, Jack Ying, James Kan, Bryan Cheong, Siew Li, and Zoe Lo.

Excellent speech given by all the speakers, *round of applause*
Though it may just be their third time giving a speech in front of such a big crowd, they portrayed more confidence speaking in front of the public as compared to day 1. Indeed, practices makes perfect. In order to reduce the butterflies in the stomach when you get up on stage next time, believe in yourself! stop hesitating your ability and start practicing now!

After the award presentation ceremony, participants and speakers exchanged contacts details to keep in touch and not forgetting, a picture paints a thousand words - group photo! :)

For more photos on speechcraft workshop : LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!

Thank you for your participation in this workshop as we hope you had gained a lot through this intensive workshop. If you seek to improve your communication skills further, as well as widening your network circle, come join us at HELP University Toastmasters Club! It is the mutual learning environment that we need, in order to be an excellent speaker one day.

Also, a BIG THANK YOU! to :
Our organising chair, Bryan Cheong,
Speakers, Jason Moi, Vincent Liew, Stephanie Teoh, and Timothy Nakayama 
Facilitators -
Jack Ying, Siew Li, Gerald Tan, Xin Wen, Mun Yee, Zoe Lo, James Kan, Rajveer Singh, Issac Ng, 
for the great support in making this workshop a success!

Siew Li
VP Public Relations of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013


HELP University TMC organised their very first Speechcraft Workshop last weekend at Wisma HELP.
It was a successful workshop with a total of 21 participants bravely conquer their fear of public speaking.
This 2 days intensive workshop focuses on 3 core elements of a Toastmasters meeting to help others to be a better communicator.

DAY 1 
Registration started at 8.45am and the first ice breaking session took place soon, after the arrival of all participants. Everyone was so excited to learn, but we must first break the ice in order to know more about each other :)

Ice breaking session conducted by VPPR, Siew Li :

Then, participants were introduced to the first table topics session conducted by President, Jack Ying and he spiced things up by playing a game that matches the same card into this session.

Then, the first speaker, VPE, Bryan Cheong, CC, CL taught us about speech organisation, which is vital in crafting a winning speech!

Participants then were assigned to groups and started to prepare their first ice breaker speech!!
They were facilitated and evaluated by a group of experienced toastmasters :)


After lunch, Vincent Liew, gave us useful tips on Body Language.
He also showed us, how Charlie Chaplin, the best actor, could convey a story to the audience by just using body language! Interesting!

Then enthusiastic participants began crafting their 2nd speech focusing on body language and presenting it to the audience :)
Just so expressive,, 

It was a fruitful day, as we not only get to widen our network of friends but also to learn from each other, through the great speaker as well as evaluation session.

Day 1 has come to an end and we all looked forward to the next day :)

Siew Li
VP Public Relations of HELP University Toastmasters Club 2012/2013

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