Sunday, 19 June 2016

18th June 2016: Curiosity Kills the Cat (Sorry for the hiatus, kind of forgot about the blog hehehe)

The meeting kicked off with the President of the club shedding light on the progress of the club and how it had come from a long way, most notably receiving the Phoenix Award.

The floor then was passed on to our first time Toastmaster of the morning Jo Ping, where she does a brilliant job breaking the ice and introducing everyone to each other. Keeping up with the theme of the meeting, she proceeds to ask us about our greatest curiosity where the responses varied from being a dragonfly, being a girl (not for weird reasons you sicko) , how the world was formed and why humans react the way they are now.

We then proceeded with the table topics session, where our innovative table topics master Joshua Ooi came up with some brilliant ideas for questions that made everyone interested. Firstly we had Stanley Wong talking about the secret recipe of KFC and how he would share it with the world if he discovered it and what it would consist of. Then, Mr. Gerard Peters  came up and gave a philosophical speech about whether ignorance is bliss or not. Our new member Grace also gave it a shot and spoke about the phrase 'Curiosity kills the cat', where she skillfully directed it towards the audience instead of herself ( ninja style). Our president also talked about what he would do if aliens were discovered in Area 51 and how we would communicate with them. Jo Ping talked about what seemed to be her ideal planet (basically a large chocolate ball filled with marshmallows). Finally, Mahathir rose up to the occasion and talked about how he would sell a product that will either prolong life and or kill someone immediately depending on the success of the product.

After a short break, we then continued with the prepared speech session, our two new members Grace and Joyce both gave us humorous speeches about being twins which showed us a whole new perspective on twins.

We then had Mahathir giving us a speech on the notorious "Virus Type C". This virus is most prominent in Asians where they are unable to accept compliments and the consequences it has on society.

Finally, we have an experienced toastmaster Stanley giving his ACB #3 where he had an option on 5 topics and by random he has to make an impromptu speech about it. In the end, he talked about the pros and cons and vernacular and non-vernacular schools.

Once that is done, Sri the general evaluator conducted the evaluation session where constructive criticism and valuable advice were given to each speaker.

We also had special sharings from both special guests Mr Gerard Peters and Ms Jacy Wee where both of them gave sharings on the fulfilment gained from having a leadership role and a vision to inspire all of us to strive for a greater good.

Finally, we had the giving of awards and we ended the meeting with a customary group photo!

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