Monday, 11 April 2016

Greek Mythology Themed Meeting - 9th April 2016

The meeting kicked off with the SAA Jo Ping calling order to the meeting. She then invited our president Vincent Sar up to give his presidential opening address. Then, it was the Toastmaster of the Morning (Yours Truly) to step up and facilitate the meeting. As usual, the guests and members introduced themselves, while telling what they would do if they had powers of a Greek God or any God if they weren't familiar with the Greek Gods. The answers varied from helping remove poverty, to being able not to go to the gym as guests became creative with their answers.

Proceeding with the meeting, humour master and table topic master Mas Mahathir from MII TMC shared his mischievous adventure during primary school, where he ran across a prohibited field. He then went on and introduced the table topics for the day which proved very amusing for both audience and speakers, varying from a date with Medusa, fated weapon against hydra and much more. 

Table topics evaluator Vincent Sar then gave his evaluation to the speakers, encouraging everyone with his kind words and constructive feedback,

After the break, the meeting then went on with the prepared speech session, which had the lineup of Dheeno, Johny and Marlena. 

First up, Johny and his speech "Anything, Anyplace, Anytime" , where he stresses the importance of  commitment and how it can get you far in life.

Next up, Dheeno came on with "Being Impactful". This speech reached out to the audience on how important a good teacher is and what it means to be a good teacher and the benefits that both parties (teacher and students) get.

Finally, we have Marlena from MII TMC with her practice speech for the Division J contest. She talked about the secrets of happiness and how it is not as simple as it seems.

The General Evaluator then was called up to conduct the evaluation reports. The evaluators for the speakers came up and gave  helpful advice and encouragement to the speakers. Seeing as Marlena's speech was subjected to open evaluation, everyone had a chance to have a say in her speech. Finally, the technical reports concluded the evaluation session.

We then have the presentation awards which Johny took it by storm, winning both best table topics and prepared speech speaker.

Definitely wasn't ready when presenting Dr. Thilla a certificate of appreciation 

The meeting then adjourned with special guest, Division J Director Jacy Wee giving her sharings on how we shouldn't wait for an opportunity to approach us, but to pounce on it once it presents itself. She also mentioned how beneficial it is for us to put ourselves in situations that we are uncomfortable with to strengthen ourselves.

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