Friday, 1 February 2008

The momentum continues

19th of January.....

A very “special” meeting with everything got locked in the storeroom. However, passions were running high at the meeting. Claudia, as the Sergeant-At-Arms of the meeting called meeting to order and warmly greeted members and guests. She asked members and guests to introduce themselves and talked about what is the thing we are craving for.Our always good-looking president, Ernest took control from Claudia and asked all of us walked around to greet our guests!

It was a special table topic session. The table topic session was carried out by the Table Topic Master, Jason! He came out with his creativity, brought out goodie bag of table topics. It sounds so mysterious...Everyone saw the plastic magic bag and wondered what exactly was in the bag.

Suria, as the Table Topic Evaluator took first strike on showing us how to present a table topic. “How can our planet twists from round to concave” Who knows, Suria told us that we have to brush our teeth everyday to save our planet!

Soon, it was Qinmei's turn to convey her speech, she was presented with a heart shaped necklace for her session.Our guest, Kenny talked about the 'pyramid' after he was presented with a pyramid-looking clock.
In the topic which have to choose between
pen and sword, our guest, Edmund chose the pen.
Jess, our future-member, was given a 'Flower' as the topic.
She told us that she prefer daisy than rose.

After the table topic session, it followed up with the assignment speaker, Ming Haur.It was "his" 5th project in CC manual, namely "Swimathon". Talked about "his" swimming experience in Pulau Kapas,Terengganu. The second assignment speaker was Ewern. Her topic was "Changing Word, Changing Mind". She told us the different effect between two words "what if" & "if only". Her topic conveyed the message that words control our mind!

After the break time,Hui Ven,(another) last meeting in Help Toastmaster,gave us a motivating speech! XD She told us especially members, in how to motivate people in details.

Next up was Ewern, who presented her 7th competent communicator speech 'changing words changing minds'

It carried on with Sachit's "Risk Advisory". Gave us a detail information on what's exactly risk advisory.He even told us how risk management is related to our club!

Later, it was time for the evaluation part of the toastmasters meeting with Hui Ven as the General Evaluator, Ernest as the evaluator, Jee Aik as the Language Evaluator, Qinmei, her ice-breaking Ah counter, and Jason,the time keeper

Qinmei got her best table topic speaker! Ming Haur got his 1st Best assignment speaker in life...touch+ing ;-)

Till next time!

yours truly,

Ming Haur

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