Monday, 21 March 2016

HELP Themed Meeting: 19th March 2016

The meeting started off by the Toastmaster of the morning, Dheeno Rao. He then asked toastmasters and guests to introduce themselves and to tell everyone when was the last time they had helped or received help. ( Seeing as the theme is HELP, it's really self-explanatory why).

After that, the president of the club, Vincent Sar, gave a speech "Humour Master", where he was talking about how Asian parents do not react conventionally when being told 'I love you'.

Vincent giving his speech.
Next up, table topics master Chrishelyn calls upon guests and members to participate.

Joshua giving his opinion on organ donations

Brenda with her insights about endangered species

 After a brief break, the meeting continued on with prepared speeches.

The chilled conversations during breaks.

First up, we have Chia Chun with the speech "Being Alive". Chia Chun came up and spoke about his family that is very strict and emphasised on results more than anything. He also mentioned of his adorable story with his Chicken Little toy.

We then have Jane, sharing her experience in drowning, and then linking it to our everyday life - do we need water to drown? Implying that life can be thought of as an ocean that we constantly swim in.

Next up, Edward Boey shared his personal story on how he faced his fears, persuading us to share our speech and telling us that we have a choice of letting fear consume us, or overcoming fear.

Lastly, Bryan Wong came up and did his advanced speech, which he explained the interesting phenomenal of mind. Deja Vu, is more of a developmental mind phenomena. He then shared a lot on the miracles of mind, and a lot of interesting examples of the power of  the brain despite the failing senses. Presque Vu, is more  on how you want to recall something but you can't recall it, because the brain is bombarded with other things.

Acting General Evaluator, John Choo rose to the occasion and led the general evaluation.
GE giving his evaluation while Dheeno stares into your soul.

The evaluators for the speeches then gave their reports that are all helpful and insightful.

After the evaluations, the role players then give their technical reports.

Ah Counter, Abby
Hey, that's me! (Grammarian)
Mahathir from MII TMC (Timer)
The meeting then concluded award presentations.

The result of going back to shaking hands just to get a photo

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