Sunday, 2 September 2007

1st meeting (of the month) on 1st of september

From the desk of our VPPR Tse Han :-

Dear readers,

This was an auspicious moment. 1st meeting on the 1st of September. I'd like to urge all readers to 'invest' some money in 4D or 3D by buying combinations of 1109 or 119. Of course, please do not forget to buy us lunch when you've claimed your 'investment(s)'; however if there was depreciation in your investments, fret not, we always welcome you back on the 1st, 3rd and 4th/5th saturday mornings (0930 - ~1200 hours) for more consultation on your 'investment(s)'!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Its time for your dues once again, I believe this 'investment' will definitely appreciate throughout the following years. Now who says Toastmastering is a waste of money?

So sit back and enjoy, the journey written by Gajendran.

Disclaimer : The above statement on 4D and 3D are used as metaphors for reading pleasures only; the author will not be held liable should you choose to buy those numbers in reality.

------Tse Han------

1st of September 2007…the 1st meeting on the 1st day of September’s glorious and sunny morning. We were all up and ready for yet another meeting. So at 9:40am sharp we got our meeting under way in the Department of Student Affairs (DSA). The Toastmaster of the Morning cum Sergeant-at-arms Jean Ee called the meeting to order and extended a warm welcome to all 14 of us present. Next, Jean Ee, who was taking on the role of the emcee for her very first time gave a brief insight into the history of the HELP Toastmasters Club. After than she cordially invited President Loo Shu Wei to deliver her presidential address. She acknowledged the presence of our guest this week - Nini Yeoh from Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club. Following that, Shu Wei recognized the achievements of Ashrel Goh and John Lee as the champions of the humorous and evaluation speech contest respectively. After that, Shu Wei passed the control back to the emcee of the morning, Jean Ee.

Jean Ee then requested for the word of the day from the Language Evaluator. The word plaintive was the word of the day. Following that, Jean Ee called upon the Table Topics Master John Lee. TTM John then put forward his theme for the day-'quotable quotes'.

TTM John Lee, 'quotable quotes'

After which he opened the floor to volunteers to get the Table Topics session rolling. Unsurpringly it was the ever sporting Jason Moi who was first up to speak. His quote was 'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'. Jason displayed good general knowledge and vocal variety in his 2 minute speech on the Mahatma Gandhi quote. Next, newcomer Gajendran volunteered to speak. His quote was 'All beautiful things are useless'.


His speech was a little fast paced but displayed good impromptu speaking skills. Following that, our guest for the day, Nini Yeoh spoke on her quote which was ‘In matters of grave importance, style not sincerity is the vital thing'.

Nini Yeoh

Nini’s speech did not have extravagant hand gestures but she captivated us with her vocal variety and tonality. After that it was the Vice President Ernest Wong’s turn to speak on 'Force is the only way to make peace'.


Once again, Ernest displayed his vast general knowledge in his speech with a touch of humour in it as well. Last but not least, Su Jin spoke on 'Freedom is to live with the consequences of your decision'.

Su Jin

After that, our President Shu Wei gave a general evaluation on all the Table Topic speakers. Her meticulous evaluation benefited all as she pointed out areas in our speeches that can be improved on as well as applauded our strong points. Following that was finally the time for the assignment speakers. Paul Aun did his CCM#2 with his speech entitled 'Your Mobile, Your Risk'. His evaluator was John Lee. After Paul, it was Claudia’s turn do complete her CCM#3 with her speech 'The evolution of male beauty'. Claudia was evaluated by Evelyn Aun. A short 15 minutes break followed her speech and the meeting commenced at 10:45 am. The assignment speakers continued with Evelyn Aun completing her CCM with her milestone 10th speech entitled 'Celebrating the most precious gift'.

Competent Communicator Trophy

After Evelyn’s touching and inspiring speech, Khoo Hui Ven then did her 4th speech of the Advanced Communicator’s manual entitled 'LAUGH at their misfortune' and her evaluator was Ernest Wong.

Paul Aun's speech #2

John Lee's evaluation on Paul's speech

After the speeches were done with, the respective evaluators came up to deliver their evaluation on the speaker and his or her speech. Following the constructive evaluation was the voting for Best Table Topics Speaker and Best Evaluator. It was a tight fight in the Evaluation category as it had past and present evaluation champions in the mix. After 3 rounds of voting, Evelyn won the Best Evaluation award which was presented to her by President Shu Wei .

Best Evaluator award received by Evelyn Aun

Ernest Wong beat the rest to bag the Best Table Topics Speaker award. He was delighted with it and accepted his certificate from the President.

Ernest with his trademark smile

Then it was award presentation time for the Best Assignment Speaker. This was the first time there were two winners for Best Assignment speakers.

Hui Ven and Evelyn Aun receiving their awards from President Shu Wei

Finally; General Evaluator Tse Han gave his thoughts on the meeting as well as invited the other Role Players to give their respective reports on the morning’s meeting. President Shu Wei then rounded off things with her closing address before handing over to TOM Jean Ee who thanked all present for their good days work before she called the meeting to an end…

The cosy meeting of the day


shu wei said...

LOL at Tse Han's opening comment for the post!

And thanks for reminding the members to pay their dues =D

*shouts into the distance* PAY YOUR DUES EVERYONEEEEEEE!!!

hansen said...

Hello HELP TM members,

I truly glad that I chartered the HELP TM Club. Browsing your photos gave me a sense a achievement - I really miss all of you. A "small" private college in Malaysia can have a tremendously successful TM club as compared to the places like the 3 universities - they have none!!!

Keep on speaking...

Col Goh
(Charter President
presently in Adelaide

shu wei said...

col goh, we miss you too... =(

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