Friday, 2 November 2007

27th of Oct Meeting

There was a awesome meeting on the 27th of October.

Meeting started at 9 49 am. We had a very nice introduction session thanks to our SAA Park Sujin doing a great job. Most members of the floor used the word of the day "orator" in introducing themselves which really helps making "orator" command a permanent place in our memory bank. Toastmaster Meyya joined us on that pleasant Saturday morning as one of the assignment speakers and we truly appreciate his support and presence.

Moving on to the interesting and always exciting Table Topics Session, John Lee came up with fantastic topics which required the speakers to sell the product, or in some cases themselves. The session was filled with many laughs. Just look at the topics below, Im sure you get my point :)

speaker `1 Gajendran - Britney spears latest album entitled " looking for the next husband "
speaker `2 Meyya - Covergirl's latest lipgloss
speaker `3 Park Sujin - food with high content of fat from MCDs
speaker `4 Claudia - Latest Ferrari car
speaker `5 Fong wen - Men are idiots
speaker `6 Jee Aik - Samsung Magic Toilet Bowl

Ernest followed it up with a good evaluation for all the speakers.

Then came the assignment speeches.

First was Ming Haur with his speech entitled " Wind-catcher ". I loved the title. It was very mysterious and enticing. It totally captured my attention. Also, he managed to weave stories into his speech so seamlessly making it very believable. It was a job well done!

Then came Gajendran with his speech entitled " Green Tea the saviour?" This speech was extremely informative yet interesting. The organisation was well thought out and the speech flowed very nicely. The ending was brilliant as it gave the audience the power to decide - Green Tea the saviour? or not?

Break time! Always loved that. Everyone was busy chatting and interacting with one another and time just flew by so fast.

Then came Shu wei with her speech from the advanced communicator manual. Personally, i do think that Shu wei is an orator. Her speeches are always top quality. She walked away with the Best Assignment Speaker award.

Evaluations were fantastic as usual. The evaluators are always trying to encourage us to improve and give us good pointers. They don't bang you left, right, center and leave you feeling discouraged.

All in all, it was a great meeting so next time you have a saturday free, do come and join us!!!

claudia signing off ^.^

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