Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Wake up to the world

"Wake up, it is time to cease the day..." whispered the beating of my heart. It was the time of my life once again, for it is time for yet another HELP University Toastmasters meeting! Eager as always, I leaped out of bed like every Toastmaster that are excited to learn the fine arts of speaking would. The meeting started off at around 9:40, with Jason Moi starting off the ice breaking session that requires everyone to briefly introduce themselves and tell the each other what they hope to get for this upcoming chinese new year.

Once everyone was warmly acquainted with one another, the stage was passed on to John Lee, the Vice President of Education, for his opening speech on behalf of the president, Ernest. With a calm and voice, John Lee welcomed the guests with open arms and a welcoming smile. John later handed the stage to Gajendran, the table topics master of the morning.

With a sparkle of excitement in his eyes, Gajendran conducted the table topics session with confidence and charm. The table topic session went on smoothly as participants sweat it out as they speak off the cuffs for two minutes about a topic specified by Gajendran. Once Gajendran has given out all his table topics, he handed control over to the table topic evaluator of the week, John Lee.

John Lee, as always was indeed very encouraging in his words as he generously gave compliments to the table topics speakers and at the same time pointed out the ways of improvement for each speaker. After a thorough table topic evaluation session, John Lee passed the stage back to the toastmaster of the morning.

Soon, it was time for the first speaker, Jason Moi, to start off his second assignment speech of his competent communicator manual. The title of his speech today was ‘Dreams.’ Jason started off his speech with a melodramatic voice, and continued to illustrate the role of dreams in a human’s life.

Then, it was time for the second speaker of the week, Jee Aik, to present his third assignment speech entitled ‘the meaning of religion.’ In his speech, Jee Aik presented a deep thought of what religion truly is. He emphasized that religion cannot be restricted to just the colour of one’s skin nor the one’s nationality, but it must be recognized as one’s belief. Jee Aik believes that all humans have actually very similar traits and that there is only a very insignificant modification of the human genes that differentiates one human being from another.

In no time, it was time for the evaluation session to take place, and in the blink of an eye, it was time for yet another HELP toastmasters meeting to end. Thus, until next time!

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