Thursday, 1 May 2008

An exhilirating 26th!

Saturday - 26th April, yet another great day to have an exhilarating Toastmasters Meeting at HELP University College. The meeting commenced about 15 minutes off schedule due to unfortunate events, whereby a role player had trouble reaching on time. Nevertheless, the meeting went on as usual, and as the saying goes, “It’s better late than Never!”

There was quite a fair attendance for today’s meeting. Most present were regular members, toastmasters from other clubs, as well as some new faces. The crowd was asked to introduce themselves to the rest by the temporary Sergeant-At-Arms, a good start to get to know each other a little better.

Moving on, first-timer Toastmaster of the Morning (TOM), Qin Mei warmed up the audience with a brief history of Toastmasters and requested the word of the day from the Language Evaluator, Gajendran.


Now for the exciting bit, the Table Topics Session! Jook Yew, another first-time role player for the Table Topics Master did a great job, especially with the topics.

Jook Yew

Boon Keong kicked start the session as the first speaker with a randomly chosen one word topic “Patriotism”. . The next speaker, Hong Shen, was brave to volunteer as he is new and it is his first time ever to give a speech in a toastmasters meeting. His topic was entitled “If your life is a long holiday, would leisure be tedious than work?”. The third speaker was Sue Jean, having chosen a one word topic “Discipline”. Following that was Sutha as the forth speaker, with another one word speech entitled “Pollution”.Suresh was next to confidently volunteer, and randomly chose topic titled “Are men equal?” Last but not least, Gajendran our sixth speaker gave a speech about “Love”.

When the table topics session was all over, the cheerful and enthusiastic Jason Moi gave a clear and simple evaluation for the speakers.

Jason Moi TTE

Later, TOM Qin Mei continued by introducing the first assignment speaker, Jook Yew who gave his first Competent Communicator Manual speech titled “It’s up To You”. The next speaker was Jason Moi with his third Competent Communicator Manual speech entitled “The Role of Money”.

Jason’s speech ended with a 10 minutes break for refreshments and more socializing. After the intermission, Sergeant-At-Arms, Boon Keong called the meeting to order and the TOM introduced the third assignment speaker Jasmine. Jasmine’s second Advanced Communication Manual speech was a ‘Speaking to Inform’ assignment, and the title was “To Sleep or To Breath”. Last but not least, our President Ernest gave his second assignment speech from the Advanced Communication Manual. He was “Presenting an Award”, a real one in fact, to our Vice President of Education, John Lee for his recent achievement in a competition. Ernest presented like a pro with minor unnoticeable flaws.

After that, the Evaluators of the speakers came out to present their respective evaluation. Then, the Language Evaluator (Gajendran), AH Counter (Jee Aik), Time Keeper (Pui Yee) and General Evaluator (John Lee) presented their respective reports on the meeting.

Before the meeting ended, the Area Governor, Mustafa presented the President Distinguish Award to our club President in his Area Governor’s Address. A great achievement it was! To wrap things up, Ernest gave his Closing Speech with gratitude and words of encouragement for everyone to further contribute to the success of our club. With that, today’s meeting came to an end.


Boon Keong.

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