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If we were to similise life to a book, there'll always be a number of chapters in our life. These chapters are the transitions in life, revealing our exposure and adventure in each period of time and what lessons we've gotten from them. Each chapter tells where you are emotionally. When you're given a chance to compose a new chapter in your life, how'd you write it? As for HELP Toastmasters, we can't promise that this is gonna be the most riveting and breathtaking chapter ever, but we promise to write this new chapter from the bottom of our hearts and make it a very jubilant and memorable one. :)

On the 8th of June, we had our very first meeting held by the new term of exco. For starters, kudos to our fabulous president, TM Yi Ling, who strained every nerve and sinew to pull off this marvellous meeting! We're particularly honoured with the presence of several notable guests, which comprised of our very honourable Division G Governor, DTM Thiagarajah Nesan (a.k.a Tiger) from MAS Melor Toastmasters; DTM Renganathan from Ernst & Young Toastmasters; the incoming Area B2 Governor, CC, CL Chironjit Das, who is also the president of CIMA Toastmasters; the very professional speaker, ATMS, Cl Dr Alvin Teoh from Sunway Toastmasters, and CC Reuben from Bangsar Toastmasters! We're jubilant to conclude that this meeting was a total success as everyone had fun and learnt something! :)

Division G Governor DTM Tiger and our president TM Yi Ling
You illustrated how to think differently with a game...
Imagine yourself lying down on the grass, you see blue sky...

Our pretty TOM, TM Jie Yen ;)

In this new chapter, many of us had our very first time for something, our president TM Yi Ling presented her very first presidential address, TM Jie Yen took her first challenge as the TOM, TM Joyce was the Table Topics Master for the first time, TM Jocelyn gave her first ever evaluation, and there were two amazing ice breaker's speeches! 
And each of them certainly did a fantastic job! Congratulations to all of them!:D 

Ice breaker number 1: TM Sharanya
When there's a will, there's a way!

Ice breaker number 2: TM Kai Jin

I have 23 soft toys at home!!!


Credits to our Table Topics Master, TM Joyce for preparing a set of topics which correlated to our theme so well, ranging from 'A new friendship', 'A new hope', 'Turn over a new leaf', 'A new relationship' to 'A new goal'. :D

CC,CL Ron: Forget about turning over a new leaf!
Take baby steps!!

TM Bryan: Ever heard of do-you-know-Bryan method?                                                                               

TM Tommy: CC#2 Complete, Not Complete!!
CC, CL Siew Li: You truly are an actor!!

On top of that, there were also two awesome speakers attempting their CC project 8, who were none other than our 'Miss Red Barret' TM Kai Xuan with her speech entitled 'Combating your Stereotype' and the VPE of CIMA Toastmasters, TM Ryder Mah with his title 'Think Differently'.

TM Ryder Mah: What is the maximum amount of cakes you can get with four cuts on a round cake? Answer: 16!

                 TM Kai Xuan: A feminine guy is not necessary a GAY! :P     

Wonderful speeches and evaluations! *Thumbs up*
Ice breaker's ribbons for TM Kai Jin and TM Sharanya. :)
The Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Denise Th'ng *claps*
The Best Prepared Speech Speaker: TM Kai Jin (congratulations!!)

The Best Evaluator: ATMS, CL Dr Alvin Teoh (the super evaluator) xD

A token of appreciation for our General Evaluator, DTM Tiger!!

Well as for me, If I were to write a new chapter in my life, I'm going to script it as if this was the last chapter, and write everything possible in it. So that I'll never have to wish that 'if only I could turn back time and go back to that chapter, I would've...' Perhaps we could always start a new chapter in life, but we can never go back to the previous chapters to alter what has been written. You can't cling to the past. Because no matter how tight you hold on, it's already gone. -quoted from HIMYM, S08E23 ;)



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