Sunday, 5 August 2007

Installation Night August 4th

Note: All pictures below are from my (Shu Wei) camera. If you took any pictures that night and can contribute them to the blog, please do send them to VPPR Tse Han ( to post here.

Wheeeee!!! We had a massively awesome time at the Annual Dinner last night!

Date: 4th August 2007
Venue: Izzi Restaurant, KL

A total of 28 HELP University College TMC members and non-members attended!

Group picture

We had great ambiance, good food and great company....

... laughter and games....
Paul's facial expression is just so wrong. SO wrong. Tsk tsk.

... conducted mysterious secret rituals....

... got drunk and giggly...
just kidding! we're just laughing and hugging, really =D

... took loads of ridiculous pictures...

The man with the glowing *ahem*s and a monkey.

... and of course, the main event of the night: The handover of responsibilities from the old Executive Committee to the new Executive Committee.

2006/2007 EXCO

2007/2008 EXCO

Before the dinner:

Mr. Organizing Chair, Ernest Wong.

Seok Mei and Ernest

Hui Ven, Fong Wen, Tse Han and Seok Mei

The door gifts

Assistant Division W Governor for Marketing Ron Low discovering how the door gifts work.
Mingle mingle:
Jason: "... and then he answered, 'That's Air India!'"
Fong Wen: "Oh my gawd! HAHAHAHA!"

Claudia: "Paul Aun! You curi curi makan the chips just now, right?! Tell the truth!"

The dinner begins:

Organizing Chair's opening address

Division W Governor Azmi's address

Immediate Past President Joyce's address

Area W2 Governor Mustafa's address

Installation Ceremony:

Installing Officer, Area Gov Mustafa

Committee members Jean Ee, Fong Wen and Seok Mei

Treasurer Chee Hoong

Secretary Claudia

VPPR Tse Han

VPM Hui Ven

VPE Ernest

Thanks. Now what do I do with it?

President Shu Wei

HELP University College TMC members taking their pledge

Presentation of nametags:

Group pictures: Wait! Wait! We're not ready yet!

Okay, ready now.

Derek, Selina, Dennis, Shu Wei, Seok Mei, Meyya, Mustafa

Hui Ven, Tse Han, Claudia, Chee Hoong, Jean Ee, Fong Wen, Seok Mei

Azmi, Karen, Joyce, Shu Wei

Jean Ee, Ernest

Sisters Hui Min and Hui Ven

Hui Min and Stella

Hui Ven, Joyce, Karen

Derek and Jean Ee

Karen, Hui Ven, Ernest, Joyce, Shu Wei

Past President, President, Immediate Past President =D

Karen and Joyce

Meyya, Seok Mei, Fong Wen, Joyce, Shu Wei, Jean Ee, Karen, Selina

The Deloittians

Derek and Joyce

Joyce and Ernest

Ernest and Seok Mei

Beware: If you don't like candles, view at your own risk from this point on.

Between Ernest and I, we could start a nursery; our clothes were so flowery.

Seok Mei and Shu Wei

Oh, for me?! Thank you, thank you!

Joyce and Karen

Selina, Meyya, Joyce, Commander Tang, Derek, Shu Wei, Karen

Seok Mei and Meyya. They somehow look so Saturday Night Fever -ish, don't they?

Azmi's idea. Artistic, huh?

Er.... Dennis?

Yes yes, everyone wants a picture with Jean Ee and I... kekeke

Ernest and Fong Wen

Tse Han, Shu Wei, Fong Wen

Fong Wen and Joyce

...paying obesience...

Fong Wen tries to convince Derek that the candles are edible. "Look at the camera, Derek! Open mouth!"

Toastflowers Sdn. Bhd.

Great job, Ernest and team! It was a fantastic night!

ps: These aren't all the pictures from my camera. There's more, but there are too many to put everything up here. If anyone wants me to send pictures, please email me at

Shu Wei


Ernest said...

Wonderful...this is the 1st time I felt left out...I didn't manage to show my face in all the pics...HELP tmc have more cam-whore than I expected!!!lol..

shu wei said...

*cough* check your blog, ernest *cough*

Satchit said...

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