Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Upcoming Fun and Exciting Toastmasters Events

From the desk of our VPPR Tse Han :-

Fellow Toastmasters and Honored Guests!

HELP University College Toastmasters Club (HUCTC) is a Young and Vibrant Club! As past Division B Governor Sue Ding put it,

" If you want to feel young and vibrant, come and join toastmasters meetings every Saturday morning at Help University College! "

Now if you still need more proof, check out our post here and observe all the youthful faces. I can assure you that age becomes insignificant here at HUCTC.

Presenting to you 2 Fun and Exciting Toastmasters Events.

EVALUATE others to ELEVATE yourself?

" I've been consistently making speeches, yet i don't seem to improve much? "
" Is there an alternative method to enhance my public speaking skills? "
" How do i evaluate my own strength and weaknesses? "

If you have been asking these questions above... think no further... the answers will be revealed in a workshop on 'Effective Evaluation' conducted by current Area B1 Governor, ACS, Dennis Wee.

I beg your pardon....Dennis Who?

Dennis is a regular at HELP University College Toastmasters Club and has won numerous speech contests at Club and Area levels. You will learn effective evaluation techniques with his own brand of witty humor.

"Everyone can evaluate, but, the real challenge is how do you weave constructive criticism with wit & humor , sounding tough yet motivating to help the speaker improve... "

- Quoted by Dennis Wee

Date : 18th of August, 2007
Venue :
DSA, HELP University College Campus, Jalan Johar, Pusat Bandar Damansara,
Time : 0930 - 1200 hours
Dress code : Casual
Door Fee : F.O.C.

Know your competitors!

HUCTC has produced many champions in the area and division levels for the past 4 years. This time round, it's no difference from last time. If you're a guest, drop by and get your stomach aching from laughter; if you're a competitor, come and learn about your competition!

It's our annual Humorous speech and Evaluations Contest. Details are as follows :-

Date : 25th of August, 2007
Venue : DSA, Level 5,Wisma HELP,Jalan Dungun. (Place where TLI was conducted,parking is flat-rated at RM3 only)
Time : 0900 - 1400 hours (0900 - 0930 is registration)
Dress code : Casual
Door fee : RM 5 (only, no hidden costs!)

There is no reason for you to miss both these Fun and Exciting events! So mark your calenders now, and see you soon!


Yours Truly,

Tse Han, Tai
012-2388 2711

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