Monday, 25 July 2016

23rd of July: Evaluation Time

This meeting was a special one, as it was not the same as our usual meeting. This time, we were focused more on the "after-speech session", which is the evaluation part due to the coming Evaluation Contest. Firstly, we had a session on learning how to improve our evaluation skills.

From Marlena, the president of MII Toastmasters Club, we have learnt that being an evaluator, we should be encouraging and not merely attacking on the weaknesses of the speaker. Also, she mentioned that a speech should always have a good organisation, hence we must have our opening, body and conclusion for our speech evaluation. 

Next, we had Mohamad to teach us about the 4S, which is Style, Substance, Subject and Structure. By becoming an evaluator of a speaker, we should always listen to them with 100% attention. Not to mention that we are the evaluator, but simply as a listener or audience, we should also pay our attention while the speaker is speaking as a sign of respect. Last but not least, it is important that an evaluator must stay confident when speaking. 

After that, we had everyone to practise evaluating by evaluating Jonathan, our speaker of the day. His speech mentioned Child Bearing Stimulation (CBS). He thought that it should be a mandatory for every men to go through this process. Every members were proactive to learn, as they tried to apply what they have learnt from the two experienced toastmasters into their evaluation. 

Then, we had an open evaluation for all the evaluators that had spoken up front. This was an interesting meeting, as we learn not only to deliver a speech well, but also to evaluate self as well as others' speeches and to learn from mistakes. The meeting ended with a happy group photo. 

Once again, gracias to everyone who had attended our evaluation meeting. 
All of us had a fun time learning, and we hope that you can enjoy the meeting with us too!
If you are interested in our Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest, kindly contact one of our EXCOs and full information will be provided as soon as possible. See you!

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