Thursday, 7 July 2016

2nd of June: Madness!

On 2nd of June, the meeting themed "Madness" kicked off with an ice breaker, which was "madest thing you have done". We had a variety of answer, ranging from cycling in a shopping mall in midnight, respecting Adolf Hitler, thinking of tasting human flesh, flying to Thailand spontaneous two days before, being drunk, gassing LRT with laughing gas and murder.

The Table Topics Session was the next. Firstly, Stanley shared about his experience getting drunk. The next was Chelsea, who shared about what she would do if she saw a Ginnie Lamp. What do people mean by being "madly in love"? And what is the essence of love? Bryan shared his view and delivered the speech with his calm voice; while Joshua shared about the things he wanted to invent as a mad scientist. After that, Edward came up to give a thoughtful evaluation speech.

After a short break, Tye Juen, the very first speaker, shared his prepared speech "Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself". He started off as a really fat kid, someone who's like a muffin. But due to carrying amplifier and marching, and he became very fit and buff. From 120 kg to now, 80 kg.

John has given a speech on "Changing The World, One Dog at A Time", sharing on how his lessons from raising a dog has changed his life tremendously, starting with perception. Mas Marlena shared an advanced speech on "Get Hungry", capturing our attention by relating it to us on how being hungry would give us the success we need.

Our new Area J1 Director, Mr Wong came up to evaluate our first speaker, TJ with his CC1 speech. The evaluation for the speaker John was Ahmad, stating on many speech objectives; while our third speech by Marlena was evaluated by Bryan Wong.

Also, we were glad to have our new Area J1 Director, Mr Wong, to give us a speech.

After that, it was Aerina's show time! She gave a really thorough evaluation session to all the role players, which we had learnt a lot from it.

Our Vice President of Education, John then came up, encouraged the members and given a short speech on the change we all experienced. Lastly, a group photo was taken with laughter!

Cheeeeeeeeeese! ^^

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