Tuesday, 8 November 2016

1st of November: Halloween!

This is our FIRST toastmasters meeting held in another campus of HELP University! In this whole new Subang 2 campus, we have decided to hold the meeting at a Monday night - themed Halloween. Firstly, Johny came up here, have all the guests to introduce themselves - which apparently our audience today, were all from the psychology department.

Simon came up to explain about the table topics, and he given some really creative topic.
Our first very brave soul, a first time guest, Saw came up and speak about "Love at first bite" - and had a very beautiful bite on the McDonald and fell in love with. Mahathir, then came up on stage and Simon asked him to choose a number. He gotten the topic "Kiss a Frog". He asked "any idea about why we need to kiss a frog?" He said no as well. Then he proceeded to talk about the hygiene of the frog.

Then Kue Ching was nominated to come up on stage to speak about "deepest fear". The thing that was shared is on how we need to continue to "dream", and never succumb to the norm of the society. Next, Gerard Peter, came up and shared a story 12 years ago, when he was 16. Audience burst into laughter at that obvious joke. He shared on how he saw a white figure, God, 12 years ago came here to touch him, just because today he will give a table topics here. Xiang Wei, shared on "once upon a time", on how he didn't have the avenue to achieve his dream, and now he's pursuing his dream.

Joshua, a first time speaker, sharing how he was actually a chicken, and now he's turned into a human. Ethan Ganes, gotten the topic "the day I met a vampire". Talking about how he never believed there's bloodsuckers in this world, until he met his principal. One who always had to call Ethan out and do many different things. Marlena, our neighbouring club's president - MII TMC Club, came up and gave a very detailed evaluation on every single table topics' speaker. She highlighted the strength of each speaker, and gave a very detailed evaluation for each person.

Srinavas, came in and share on how each and every of us has potential to be someone different. He shared on how his journey was like a bullet train, taking up different leadership role, and also learning so much from everyone around him. He shared on how communication was one of the key element in leadership.

After the break, the meeting continued with Jo Ping, our youngest member, giving her CC3 in front of 32 people, which is a tremendous achievement. We are proud of you! She spoken about various different type of love, from eros to agape, to Felocia. There's many type of love she mentioned, where one in particular, Felocia, the love for herself, was the one she struggled. She ended the speech with a lesson, stating that we need to seek help whenever we need it.

Vincent had given a speech on how listening and seeking first to understand would create so much change. Then, Mahathir shared a story on the usual perception of gen Y being lazy and smart. Then, he shared on how Gen Y rather than being lazy, is the most effective people; at the same time Gen Y are also very needy, easily open up to others, accept feedback. Hence Gen Y are some of the most suitable entrepreneur.

Stanley Wong, shared his life story on how he didn't go to Chinese school, his story of how he had so much challenge communicating to his friend, and learning driving because he don't understand Mandrain.

President Vincent came up again, to speak about the leadership track of the Toastmasters journey. Ken Koh, came up and evaluated Jo Ping, sharing on how she had a very clear organization. After that, Ethan came up, and pointed two specific challenge in the evaluation, on the change in volume and gesture. Mr Wong shared an evaluation on how Mahathir has a lot of gesture and action, but may need more statistics rather than only pointing out authors.

Gerard Peter came and given an evaluation to Stanley, stating on how he has met the objective and given a few more constructive feedback. After that technical evaluators have given their report, and the meeting ended with a group photo.

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