Sunday, 27 November 2016

21st of November: Make Malaysia Great Again

The second meeting in the new campus of HELP University, which is in HELP Subang 2 campus, kicked off at 7.45pm. That was a joint meeting of HELP University Toastmasters Club and UniRazak Toastmasters Club, and the word of the day was "Adamant".

After a short presidential speech and introduction of every role player as well as guest, next was a Table Topics Session. The Table Topics Master Azimah, sure had a good sense of humour. She had came out with five interesting topics regarding to our nation, Malaysia, using PowerPoint slides.

The first brave soul was Jonathan. Talking about celebrations in Malaysia, he mentioned that it is great to have races in Malaysia; since there are different celebrations for each races, we can enjoy more holidays!

Second speaker is Sky, from UniRazak. He was given the topic "Delightful food", he believed that everyone around the world will love Malaysia, because they will love Malaysia's food. He also made the audience laugh, by saying that he was once called "tong sampah", as he eats literally everything.

Next is John Ng. He started the speech with topic of "Martial arts" by asking questions. In the end, he stated that the best way to defend ourselves is to take the money and invest ourselves in Toastmasters, so that we don't easily get shot by the others. Speaking art, is now the latest martial art.

The fourth speaker was Zakaria. He talked about his experience in Bukit Bintang, and asked the audience to explore other tourist spots of Malaysia if possible, because they were such a bless. The last speaker was Intan. By ethnicity, she mentioned that Toastmasters is made up of people with different ethnicity in Malaysia. By joining Toastmasters, she has learnt that to be flexible, to share the nation, and to tolerate each other is what can make Malaysia stronger. Evaluations were given by May Ong, and it followed by Prepared Speech Session.

There were four speakers in this session. The first speech was by Zakaria, with his speech entitled "Obsessions". He asked us to not regret with obsessions, because past is already past. What's important for us is to enjoy life, as well as our present as a gift; also, do everything that we want and have all the obsessions you want, because that is the moment when you enjoy your life.

Wesley, with his speech entitled "The insights of toastmasters", told us about the history of Toastmasters International. This time, he wishes not to only make Malaysia great again, but Toastmasters to be great again. To encourage others to go in front and speak, and make ourselves a better leader is the spirit of toastmasters. He was adamant that we are not going to quit toastmasters, with that, he ended his speech.

The third speaker was Jun Hao, with his speech entitled "Sense of Justice". A 30-second video was shown, where he asked "Where has humanity gone?". He mentioned that our small steps could make a huge change; however, people always have the self-concern that we should not interfere with others, which is the main key of increasing crimes in Malaysia. Hence, if everyone steps forward and be willing to help each other, Malaysia will sure be great again.

Lastly, we had John Ng to present his speech entitled "Mohammad Rosli". He first mentioned about the recent win of Donald Trump as a president in United States, made the audiences laugh, then proceeded to his main story of the speech. Mohammad Rosli was his maths teacher, and after an event, he realised that there is a value of exposing our weaknesses. In the end, he said that teachers play an important role in one's development; therefore, to make Malaysia great again is by making our education system great again.

The meeting ended with the presidential closing address after the presentation of awards. It was an interesting joint meeting with UniRazak at HELP Subang 2 campus, and we look forward to the next meeting held in either HELP Damansara campus, or HELP Subang 2 campus.

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