Thursday, 25 October 2007

Becoming a Test Speaker

Dear readers,

Claudia has volunteered to share her experience in becoming a test speaker in an area contest. This is highly encouraged amongst TM members so that experiences like this can be made known to newer members in the future.

24 of sept was a nerve wrecking day for me. :(
it was the area W5 district 51 humorous speech and evaluation contest.
well, i was the test speaker for the evaluation contest!
and i had quite an intense topic "Legalizing Prostitution"

Well, the contest took place at Securities Commission.
it gave the contest a very formal feel (which was even more intimidating)
I was hardly myself at the start of the contest.
was not really socialising as i was so worried of my speech.
It was the very first time i was going to give a speech at a venue other than HELP.
And most people present there were adults.i felt really intimidated.
Jean Ee's presence was a comfort though. (thanks a lot)

The humorous speech contest went well. it was funny though Ashrel's speech remains my absolute favourite!
The winner was Tan Heng Pang.
so good luck!

Thankfully there was a break before the evaluation contest
i was feverishly re-reading my speech
so unfortunately, my role was exposed! (as a test speaker, no one was supposed to know!)
haha, i could not help it. honestly!

my speech came and i was really nervous.
I kinda messed up the start. some parts were missing, some parts were restructured.
I told myself to relax
and i just focused on delivering the speech (forget body language or eye contact. Heck, i have to deliver the speech first!)
it got better from there onwards and i was gaining in confidence.
actually having guts to pause and see the audience reactions or giving ppl the stare
Jean ee really made me worried though! her eyebrows were way up into her forehead.

It was such a learning and humbling experience.
The evaluation contest went smoothly as well.
i was just so relieved that my speech was over.
I hope i did not dissapoint ppl.
i felt alot of pressure as HELP TOASTMASTERS CLUB has such a huge reputation
and i didn't want to destroy that.
and shu wei, i gave out alot of namecards!! heehee

and thus concludes my little review on my experience at securities commission.


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