Friday, 12 October 2007

Club Charter Anniversary: PART TWO - 6th Oct 2007

The Night Out:

Date: 06/10/2007
Time: 1930-0000+ hours
Place: The Curve

We had an unofficial celebration at The Curve; dinner at La Gourmet House and clubbing at Sanctuary... for those who couldn't make it (especially at the last minute =[ wish you could've been there, Hui Ven), not to worry, Ming Haur's proposed to expose the club members to the Bangsar nightlife sometime soon, right? =D

(sometimes I wonder if we're a bad influence on the HELP UC students... I'm sure this sort of "club" isn't what they had in mind when they joined a Toastmasters Club... *awkward chuckle*)

But this was just a fun night out among friends and fellow crazy fun people... not under the official banner of Toastmasters International or HELP University College... so bring on the fun and laughter!

First was dinner at La Gourmet House (Shu Wei, John, Ming Haur, Seok Mei, Keng Yih, Meyya (DKC member), Ernest, Michelle and Jean Ee came; Joyce popped by every now and then).

I've forgotten what Ming Haur's drink was, but isn't it so pretty?? Well, it looks prettier in real life; the picture doesn't do it justice =P

John, Ming Haur and I

Seok Mei and Keng Yih her non-Toastmaster boytoy

Meyya and Ernest

Jean Ee and I

I just realized we don't have a picture of Michelle with us that night =(. Never mind, Michelle, come to the next meeting and we'll take loads of pictures of you =D

Then it was off to Sanctuary after dinner:

Joyce finally joined us at Sanctuary

Joyce and I

Well, it was great fun even though not everyone could join us that night (football, transportation problems, etc)... let's do it again sometime soon!!! =D

Shu Wei

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