Friday, 12 October 2007

Pictures - 29th Sept Meeting

Gajendran, 1st Icebreaker of the day

What, is the clasped-hands position in vogue??? Hehe

ATMG, CL Lee Swee Seng

Pey Yi with HIS Icebreaker

Joyce acting cute with Paul

Nadiah acting cute by herself :D

Mr. I-Blush-Easily (haha we love you for it :D)

General Evaluator for the day


Best Speaker

Best Evaluator
I tell you... the members in this club just LOVE to camwhore :D... I have no idea how these two pics got into the camera... the camera owner has no recollection of taking these pictures.

Yes, Joyce, you're very pretty :D

And this was when we were trying to remove the permanent marker writings on the whiteboard :P

:D Thank God for Mr. Loh and his temporary marker refills

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