Sunday, 8 July 2007

Communication & Leadership Program Manual

When you join Toastmaster club, you begin your assignment speeches (prepared speeches) with the Communication & Leadership Program Manual. You achieve the Competent Communicator (formerly known as Competent Toastmaster) title by completing the 10 speeches in this manual.

Project 1: The Ice Breaker

Project 2: Organize Your Speech

Project 3: Get to the Point

Project 4: How to Say It

Project 5: Your Body Speaks

Project 6: Vocal Variety
*TMs who have completed at least the first 6 speeches in the manual can start taking up evaluator roles*

Project 7: Research Your Topic

Project 8: Get confortable with Visual Aids

Project 9: Persuade With Power

Project 10: Inspire Your Audience

In our club, priority is given to speakers doing their Icebreaker and their 10th speech when speech slot bookings are made.

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