Thursday, 19 July 2007

Speech Slot bookings in HELP UC TMC

For the benefit of new members in our club (and also for old members who aren't sure):

To book a speech slot in a certain meeting, lets say a meeting on July 28, you need to submit a speech slot booking on our online yahoo groups anytime from 12.01AM onwards on the Sunday before the meeting in question (in this case, that Sunday would be July 22).

12.01AM means the first minute of Sunday/ right after midnight on Saturday night.

Any speech slot bookings before then should not be entertained by the SAA.

Bookings are on a first come, first served basis; so the first 4 people who submit bookings after 12.01AM Sunday will be given the slots. However, priority is given to icebreakers and CC speeches (10th speech), as long as the slots have not been confirmed (see below).

In order to confirm and retain your speech slot, you need to make sure your speech title is submitted (posted on the yahoo groups) before midnight on Wednesday (in this case, July 25).

Midnight on Wednesday = 12.ooAM between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Meaning, before the last minute of Wednesday has passed. And before Thursday begins.

If you have submitted a speech slot booking after 12.01AM on Sunday but did not post your title by midnight on Wednesday, your speech slot is not confirmed. If this happens, and someone posts a booking and submits their speech slot before you do (after Wednesday midnight), your slot is given to them.

If you make a speech cancellation after Wednesday (after you confirm your speech slot), you will have to be fined RM5.

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