Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Yes, the post is a leeetle overdue, but better late than never!! (although I hear a voice in the backgroud saying "better never late" =S)

The blog entry for this meeting was written by our lovely Kan Fong Wen, TM:

The date was 07-07-2007. Indeed, it was an auspicious day to start a new term. Sunny Saturday morning, with not the slightest haze : ) and to our pleasant surprise, there was a fair crowd of guests present that day.

After a round of self-introduction, our ever enthusiastic and visionary president, Shu Wei, gave her first formal presidential address by highlighting the goals that the club should meet (refer article: Distinguished Club Program ).

The reading of the have-to-know TM history was up next. (hmm, I wonder how many people actually listen to it… maybe next time, instead of reciting it, we should give our members a pop quiz about it!! *wink*). The word of the day, INCONGRUITY was then fixated in our minds by our language evaluator, Ashrel. Therefore, it came to no surprise that there was a good number of people using the word of the day (It was more than 7 times, if I am not mistaken.)

Later, one of our guests, Mr. Yong, president of Hilton PJ Toastmaster Club, chaired the Table Topics session with a new twist. He used the debate approach to his topics. The most memorable topic was "there will be more woman millionaires than man millionaire in years to come". Although all the "debaters" for that topic were men, they seem to be putting up safety nets i.e. flattering the female species when giving their impromptu speech. (I must say, they were quite smart, seeing that half of the hall was filled with ladies. Haha!)

Jean Ee gave an informative assignment speech about non-verbal communication. She sure did catch my attention with her seductive wink at me, (I almost melted :P) as she slowly explained the importance of body gestures, facial expression and vocal as a way of communicating.

This was followed by Hui Ven's "the Unwanted Guest". At first, I thought Hui Ven had supernatural powers that allowed her to see ghostly figures as she described hearing footsteps and created an eerie atmosphere... and then suddenly, the door burst with a loud bang--- only to reveal her mischievous sister. No matter how Hui Ven detests her sister's behavior, still I can see glimmers of a smile on Hui Ven's face as she narrates her story. See, sisters are forever!

After being mesmerized by both assignment speakers, it was time for a break.
Then, it was Daniel Teh's turn to captivate the audience with his witty humour. It was an honour to have him with us that day, to enlighten us about how differently a speech can be made with more powerful descriptive words, body language, facial expression and tone. This was done through his third ice breaker- My First Cry. Everything he said was imprinted in my mind. How succulent the rambutans were, how unforgiving the ants were, how the doc spanked him!!! See the effectiveness of his speech!!?? It forms pictures in people's heads. Thanks, Daniel, for the tips!

Next was the "excruciating" speech evaluations (pls, it's for your own good!!) and the language evaluator, ah counter and time keeper a.k.a. LAT report. And not forgetting , our guest, Jayden Chen who won the best Table Topics speaker.

We were again honoured to have the newly appointed area governer, Mr. Muhammad Mustafa make his first area governor address in our club (hmm, people from TM seem to give HELP TM a lot of face… SO HONOURED :) … ) Meeting adjourned slightly later than usual, nevertheless, it was a good meeting! Kudos to those who made it happen!

And there was happy hour after the meeting where all the officers from the club pull off their shirts…opps.. I mean their working hats…and put on their party hats and ranted like nobody's business in McD. ( hopefully we are not badlisted by McD…hehe…)

Kan Fong Wen, TM.


Ernest said...

Wonderful wonderful write up on the meeting..kudos to FW..

HELP University College TMC said...


Yay for Fong Wen! Good job!

But why la did you leave out the part about Daniel and "bold/bald"?

HAHAHAHA. That part was really too memorable for me.

Shu Wei

joycy said...

Yay! Thanks for the article FW .. it really brought back good memories. haha ...its been a long time since I've sat in the back of the room and not play any roles!

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