Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Meeting on July 21

We had a great 2nd-meeting-of-the-term, with our Assistant Division Governor Marketing, Ron Low, making an official visit to our club that day.

Pictures are worth a thousand words; they lie in abundance at the end of this post, but unfortunately we forgot about the camera until it was almost the end of the meeting, so enjoy picture-less paragraphs for the time being =D.

First-time ASAA Chee Hoong kicked off the meeting by asking the members and guests to introduce themselves, where they were from, and also asking us to divulge what our hobbies were. A whole lot of interesting little "confessions" came out of this =D...

President Shu Wei then gave a short presidential address where she highlighted the fact that our club members come to Toastmasters "to learn", not "to be taught"; thus we need to have the attitude of coming to LEARN, not coming to BE TAUGHT... because we may be taught by all the great gurus of the world and yet still not gain anything from them if our mindset is not tuned to the goal of learning!

After the Presidential Address, Toastmaster of the Morning Ashrel took over and introduced the Table Topics Master, Fong Wen (should it be Table Topics Mistress then? heehee). She hosted a very quirky session where the participants were given topics that were twists on well-known phrases; for example, instead if "Beauty is only Skin-Deep", the topic was "Beauty IS Skin-Deep". Hahaha!

Then came the assignment speeches session where we had an icebreaker by one of our newer members, Claudia, titled "Stories from Life". She gave us an anecdote-filled speech about herself; the part I remember most vividly was when her finger got caught in the doorframe because she was too engrossed in watching her sister practice ballet!
But at least something good came out of it; her mum realized how interested she was in ballet (now one of her passions) and signed her up for lessons =D Yay-ness!

Fong Wen then took the stage again when she delivered her 5th speech, titled "I'm 18 going on 21". She told us about life in this transitory age from teenhood to adulthood. Again, anecdotes flowed freely and humorously. I really enjoyed watching her act out her minor dramas with her mother.

When the meeting resumed after a break, Shu Wei gave the 10th speech from the Communication & Leadership manual, titled "To be the Best"; urging the club members to participate fully in the club and help the club be one of the best in the division. I shall refrain from commenting, since this is she who is writing this post =D. Feel free to comment away in the "comments" section of this post though!

The final assignment speech of the meeting was given by our TOM, Ashrel. It was a speech from the Storytelling Advanced Manual, and titled "The Sleep Stories". He told us about his disrupted sleeping patterns, and also those of his family members and friends (do they know we now know? =D). It was full of funny anecdotes and observations, and we all enjoyed his speech thoroughly.

Then came the evaluation session of the meeting, conducted by our General Evaluator for the day, Ernest. At the end of the session, he gave us some very valuable advice, and I agree with him fully on two especial items:

1. Arrive punctually for meetings!
Then we can start the meeting on time.

2. Be more responsive, as an audience!
Clap, laugh, shout, sing if you want to, when welcoming a speaker up and appreciating a speaker after he/she has spoken.

At the end of the meeting, it was time for the presentation of awards...

Claudia's Icebreaker Trophy

The Best Table Topics Speaker award went to Shu Wei

The Best Assignment Speaker was Ashrel
and Best Evaluator went to Hui Ven
Thank you Ron, for the gifts for the Best Speakers & Evaluator!

After that, we had a lucky draw, also brought for us by Ron. And the winners are...
A token of appreciation for Ron coming to our meeting, his gifts and lucky draw, and not forgetting, his invaluable feedback on how we could improve our meetings.

After the meeting, a few of us went for lunch as usual, this time in Pizza Hut; food abounded, so did talk (on ALL sorts of topics... o.O) and of course, laughter!
And this time, nothing flew out anyone's mouth! heehee... inside joke =D

What to eat???


Ernest and Shu Wei

Fong Wen

Tse Han and Ashrel

Till next week, then =D
Shu Wei


~poisonous apple~ said...

HAHA.. Nice 1!! Esp as pictures speak MUCH louder than words!! Haha..

Shu Wei said...

YEA! Next time we shud have more pics! =D

Kan said...

who is poisonous apple, may i noe?

anyway, shu wei, i was practically smiling when i was reading ur post.... haha...hmm...u forgot to metion sumthing like d "big" confession after d meeting.... hahaha!!!!

yea, bring d cams pppl!!!

shu wei said...

poisonous apple is hui ven.

LOL *innocently* what big confessionnn??? I don't remember anythinggg... ;)

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