Sunday, 8 July 2007

Competent Leadership Manual

Ever been confused about what the heck the "other manual" in your New Member Kit was for?

You achieve the Competent Leader title by completing the assignments in the Competent Leadership Manual (that mystery "other manual" =D).

Most of the assignments in the CL Manual are role-playing during club meetings. Make it a point to bring along your CL Manual everytime you play a role, so that your role-playing can be evaluated and you can use that role to complete an assignment in the manual.

Project 1: Listening and Leadership
Serve in any THREE out of the four meeting roles below:
- Evaluator
- Table Topics Speaker
- Ah-Counter
- Grammarian

Project 2: Critical Thinking
Serve in any TWO of the three meeting roles below:
- Evaluator
- Grammarian
- General Evaluator

Project 3: Giving Feedback
Serve in all THREE of the meeting roles below:
- Evaluator
- Grammarian
- General Evaluator

Project 4: Time Management
Serve as TIMER as well as in ONE more of the four meeting roles below:
- Timer (compulsory)
- Toastmaster/ Speaker/ Grammarian/ Table Topicsmaster (choose one)

Project 5: Planning and Implementation
Serve in any THREE of the four meeting roles below:
- Speaker
- General Evaluator
- Toastmaster
- Table Topicsmaster

Project 6: Organizing and Delegating
Serve in any ONE of the roles below:
- Help Organize a Club Speech Contest
- Help Organize a Club Special Event
- Help Organize a Club Membership Campaign or Contest
- Help Organize a Public Relations Campaign
- Help Produce the Club Newsletter
- Assist the Club's Webmaster

Project 7: Develop Your Facilitation Skills
Serve in any TWO of the four meeting roles below:
- Toastmaster
- General Evaluator
- Table Topicsmaster
- Befriend a Guest at a Club meeting

Project 8: Motivating People
Serve in THREE of the roles listed below, AT LEAST ONE of which must be CHAIRMAN of a club membership campaign or chairman of a club public relations campaign:
- Membership Campaign/Contest Chairman
- Public Relations Campaign Chairman
- Toastmaster
- Evaluator
- General Evaluator

Project 9: Mentoring
Serve in one of the three roles below:
- Mentor for a New Member
- Mentor for an Experienced Member
- Guidance Committee Member for Someone Who is Working on a High Performance Leadership Program Project

Project 10: Team Building
Serve both as Toastmaster and General Evaluator; OR serve in a chairman role:
- Toastmaster and General Evaluator (in different meetings)
- Club Membership Campaign or Contest Chairman/ Club Public Relations Campaing Chairman/ Club Speech Contest Chairman/ Club Special Event Chairman/ Club Newsletter Editor or Webmaster.

The same role in one meeting cannot be used to complete two different assignments; and you cannot play more than one role per meeting to complete the role-playing assignments.

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